Mike Henry - Follower of One

Your Own Marketplace Mission Trip

Relationship Matters w/ Mark Gordon

The Blueprint to Building Strong Families and Fostering Healthy Relationships

Living a Life of Intention

w/ Randon & Kristi Miller

The Importance of a Family Vision

Greg Gunn and The Dove

Seeing Your Family as Your Mission Field

w/ Shontell Brewer

Understanding the Five Capitals of your Life

How are you using your Five Capitals?

Legendary Leadership Lessons

Wisdom from the Big Easy

Taking your family from Sand to Stone

Family Leadership

A Vision Beyond Business

A CEO's Vision that goes beyond his business.

On the Road Full-Time w/ Trey Brooks

How to be Crazy Intentional while living on the road!

The Apology Expert - Dr. Jen Thomas

Learn how to Intentionally Apologize

Meet the Family ID Team - Shelly DeMarre

Executive Assistant to Greg Gunn

Meet the Family ID Team - Derek England

Watch Derek tell his story of his family & his impact on Family ID.

Meet the Family ID Team - Ariel Delgado

Hear Ariel's great story of Salvation and coming to Family ID

Meet the Family ID Team - Greg Gunn

Learn more about our founder, Greg Gunn

Discovering Your Family's DNA

Craig Horne w/ Walnut Hill Community Church discusses how he discovered his family's DNA and how the

Safe Conversations at Home w/ nextTalk.org and Family ID

We explain how to have REAL conversations with your kids about REAL topics.

Gregg Johnson & J12

Reaching Kids at 12 instead of Rescuing them at 21

Leading your Family Spiritually

With Trey Dixon and True North Ministries

Your Child's Purpose

w/ Cyndie de Neve