Promises From Our Father

The Promise Of God Within Us

January 9, 2022 • Andrew Lough • Jeremiah 31:33–37, Hebrews 10

Jeremiah prophesied of a day when God's laws will be written on hearts. Hebrews points to the reality of that promise through the atoning work of Jesus.

The Promise Is Here

December 26, 2021 • Andrew Lough • Luke 2

Jesus is the arrival of God in flesh to make good on all His promises.

The Promise Is Near

December 19, 2021 • Andrew Lough • Malachi 4:5–6, Luke 1:1–25

The final words of Malachi are echoed to the father of John the Baptist. The fulfillment of all God's promises are at hand and John the Baptist signals the nearness of God's richest blessings.

The Promise For A King

December 12, 2021 • Brian Hajicek • 2 Samuel 7

God enhances and advances the promise to humanity when he selects David as the King for his people. His covenant includes a promise for an eternal Kingdom of peace, rest, and justice for all time.

The Promise For A People

December 5, 2021 • Andrew Lough • Genesis 15, Deuteronomy 9:5–6, Isaiah 49:5–7, Galatians 3:6–9

God's covenant with Abram is a promise to bless all people. That promise begins with a child, but extends to all people through the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The Promise For A Future

November 28, 2021 • Andrew Lough • Genesis 3:15–24, Genesis 4:1, Numbers 23:19–23, Psalm 36:5–12, Lamentations 3:21–26

As Adam and Eve realize the consequences of sin and their separation from their creator, there is a promise that the evil born would not endure forever - that their children would live to see a day when the serpent and his power of deception and accusation would be vanquished. Their fall is also a new beginning pointing to hope for humanity based on the promises of God.