Back to the Garden


Who Are You?

The Gospel of John

Making Room for Jesus

Give Thanks

Be The Witness

Thin Places

The Psalms of David

A Stroll Into The Minor Prophets

A Small Group Study

Pulling Together

Be The Witness

Missions Sunday


As we walk into the sunlight, coming out of the shadows of the empty tomb, we face a forever-altered reality. Christ has defeated death and ushered the Spirit of God into the hearts of his followers. That spirit is to us a living stream that gives us New Life!


A Study in Citizenship

Whole - i - ness

Yes we did “misspell” it, and yes, we did it on purpose to illustrate what James wants us to learn from his letter. You see, James wants us to become “whole” people in Christ. Thinking and doing…being “whole.” When what we believe matches our actions, we are integrated, and whole.

Prepared by God - Christmas 2017


a sermon series in Ephesians


Clear Vision

A Study of 1 John

Missions: We Have A Story To Tell

The Cross: the Intersection of Lost & Found

Easter 2017

Come to the Table

The approach to the table, set's the mood for the meal

The Book of Esther

Life is messy and can leave us to wonder, where is God? In this series we will see how God is moving in and around and through our lives. Even in the messiness, God is with us.

Freedom through Forgiveness

To start the New Year with a fresh start and a new beginning we are going to spend several weeks talking about forgiveness and the beautiful blessing and freedom that forgiveness can be.