Superheroes of Faith


May 22, 2022 • Andrew Lough

Lydia has what some would call a chance encounter with Paul and his missionary team. I would say she was a vessel of the Holy Spirt placed in their path to hear and respond to the Gospel and bless many. When opportunity arose, Lydia was ready. Who came into your life to share the good news, and how can you pass it on?


May 15, 2022 • Andrew Lough

Sometimes strength isn’t a hero’s biggest weapon, it’s their wisdom. Nicodemus appears three times in John’s gospel, and each time shows him maturing and progressing in faith in Jesus, to the point where he takes great risk to honor Jesus at his burial. How has God called you to a heroic journey into the waters of wisdom?


May 8, 2022 • Brian Hajicek

As a single woman in her time, Esther should not have spoken up. Yet, with boldness and courage she found her voice, embraced the challenge God gave to her, and saved her people from certain death. How has God called you to speak out when others told you not to?

The Woman at the Well

May 1, 2022 • Andrew Lough • John 4:1–42

The woman at the well has her expectations shaken by Jesus multiple times in one conversation. An average person might have to regroup, study and train for the moment, but she jumps into action with no delay!


April 24, 2022 • Andrew Lough • Acts 4:32–37, Acts 9:26–28, Acts 13:4–14

Barnabas easily slides into the background, but in crucial moments, he is the steady engine that keeps the Gospel moving. How is God calling you to step out from the crowd, to share your faith in Jesus?