The Faber Institute is committed to the “awakening” of souls in an age when the existence of the soul and its particular capacities and formidable powers is being overlooked. We do this by putting people in touch with the sources of depth and vision within themselves. We do this by introducing them to and then teaching them how to read the profound texts, and how to meet the profound people, of our articulate human past. We do this through the central habits of the Institute: spiritual direction, spiritual conversation (in person but also through written letters), through the demanding intellectual formation of The Night School and The Faber Sessions, and through Retreats (half-day or full-day or multiple days). We do this through the Director’s extensive research in the texts of the Great Tradition, sharing the fruits of his research in the monthly publication of the Letters to Peregrinus; in classes taught; in talks given; in books written; and in retreats built and directed. We do this by an unceasing habit of going out to seek friendship, and to establish them artfully, with people religious or non-religious or formerly religious, with people of all ages, with people from all Christian denominations, and with people of different cultures.