2017: "The Man of God Producing Men of God"

Brian Croft, Chris Mueller, Manny Pereira, and Phil Foley

Why Worship Matters

Exalting Christ Worship Team • September 13, 2017

GS-1: The Pastor's Soul

Brian Croft • September 13, 2017 • Brian Croft

GS-2: Exalting Christ by Making Disciples

Chris Mueller • September 14, 2017 • Chris Mueller

GS-3: Exalting Christ By Training Men

Chris Mueller • September 14, 2017 • Chris Mueller

GS-4: The Lord of the Man of God

Phil Foley • September 14, 2017 • Phil Foley

Seminar-1: Vital Views for Ministry: Holy God/Humble Man

Manny Pereira • September 14, 2017 • Manny Pereira

All ministry exists for the worship of God. But all that is named worship is not all worship to God. Israel’s failure in ministry was first a failure in her view of God and self. Views are vital to ministry. Perspectives drive practices. Our approach to ministry must first acknowledge and address the reality that we all suffer from an impoverished view of God and an exalted view of self. Maintaining a Christ-centered, gospel empowered, correction of these views is vital to the minister and his ministry. Applying these powerful principles, presented in the final chapter of Isaiah's great scroll, this seminar seeks to encourage and equip the minister of God’s Word as one who shapes and sculpts people’s perspectives for God’s glory and man’s joy.

Seminar-1: Protecting Your Leaders from Burnout and Discouragement

Andrew Arcilla • September 14, 2017 • Andrew Arcilla

Your church barely has enough laborers to go around. The last thing you want to hear are those dreadful words from one of your key leaders: “I need to take a break. I’m burned out.” As much as you might want to avoid this scenario, you know it happens. Therefore, you shouldn’t merely be concerned about raising up new leaders, but making sure they don’t grow weary. In this seminar, we want to consider the various ways we can serve our ministry leaders, so they keep pressing on and don’t drop out due to burnout and discouragement.

Seminar-1: Facing Expectations (Address to Women)

Cara Croft • September 14, 2017 • Cara Croft

This will be a session that deals with identifying the expectations women experience from without and from within. We will also walk through ways we become chained to those expectations and how we can begin to live free of them.

Seminar-2: Raising Leaders from the Ground Up

Phil Foley • September 14, 2017 • Phil Foley

In this seminar, we will discuss practical ways to raise up leaders within the local church. Using the example of Christ as the master teacher, who often left the many in order minister to a select few, we will showcase ways to make this a reality in the midst of a busy ministry schedule. All of us want to raise up the next generation of leaders. This seminar will not only leave you with a desire to raise up leaders, but will give you tools to do it.

Seminar-2: Pastors Who Train Pastors

Tony Arnds • September 14, 2017 • Tony Arnds

One of the distinctives of the The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary (TCBS) is pastors who train pastors. In this seminar we will highlight the importance of this distinctive. In an era where much of higher Christian education is marked more by secular principles of scholarly activity rather than imparting gospel truth, TCBS is committed to ensuring that shepherds train shepherds. Only pastors can fully train other pastors. One who has never pastored a church is limited in equipping men for vital functions which they have never performed. Come and be encouraged by what God is doing here at TCBS.

Seminar-2: Exalting Christ by Genuine Sanctification

Chris Mueller • September 14, 2017 • Chris Mueller

Genuine Christians are those who are being sanctified. And God commands you to ask the hard question of yourself, your children and those you seek to disciple or impact for Christ–are you growing to be more like Christ? A misunderstood subject, Christians today desperately need to know how God grows them.

Seminar-2: Sexual Orientation, Science, and the Bible

Mark Christopher • September 14, 2017 • Mark Christopher

The term "sexual orientation" is used ad nauseam by secular society today to advance the LGBT agenda in western society. Through the repeated use of the term, public policy is set, and in some instances opposition to all things LGBT is even criminalized as "hate speech" and/or "hate crimes", based on "sexual orientation". Yet, for all the redundancy, rarely is term defined, let alone understood. The purpose of this seminar seeks to examine the current definition of the term, discuss the supposed "science" behind the born-that-way theory, and explain the Scriptural intersections between sexual orientation and the Bible.

ECMI Dinner

September 14, 2017

GS-5: The Pastor's Ministry

Brian Croft • September 14, 2017 • Brian Croft

Q & A on Pastoral Ministry

September 15, 2017