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Welcome to the official Equippers City Church App featuring messages from Apostles Eric and Carolyn Warren. We see this app as an opportunity to share some of the great things God is doing at Equippers City Church. That's because we believe his plan is to propel his people into places where we rule and reign, where as kings and priests in the earth, we more than survive--we thrive! One key to thriving, of course, is sound relationships with each other. We are an intentionally relational ministry aiming to spark thoughtful conversation that strengthens the people of God. We hope that you will see this app in that light as you receive and respond to his word. Toward that end, we'll be using this app to share thoughtful and inspiring biblically-based messages that reflect the word proceeding from Equippers City Church Apostolic Resource Center. You can count on them to be doctrinally sound, knowing that they will be practically challenging as well. When you read or hear something particularly compelling, we hope that you'll take a moment to respond, or even ask a question. Working together, we believe that everyone becomes greater, gets better, receives more! And if you like the word we're sharing here, we encourage you to attend our Sunday morning service. We're a Christ community endeavoring to equip you to reach God's vision of his kingdom and fulfill the destiny he has designed just for you. For more information about Equippers City Church, please visit our website at: http://www.equipperscitychurch.com/ The Equippers City Church app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.