April 10, 2022 • Pastor Jack Schull • John 6:26–69

Each one of our lives are guided by the choices and decisions we make. Tonight we peer into a conversation Jesus has with his earliest of followers where he’s asking them to choose him. We will learn a good question that can really help us, when we’re tempted to hit the unfollow button or shrink back as things get challenging following Jesus. Remember: salvation is free, it costs you nothing. It did cost Jesus everything. A life of following after Jesus will have costs to it. But not following Jesus, might just cost you everything.

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Leverage Your Life

April 3, 2022 • Pastor Jack Schull • Mark 10:32–45

As we follow Jesus, we’re invited to lead like Jesus. So tonight we’re going to look at a passage where Jesus actually gives us his secret to great leadership. See Mark 10:32-45. And as we prepare for Easter, we're going to see how Jesus walks out the way he’s calling us to walk in. We're to leverage our lives for others.

Whose Will Be Done

March 27, 2022 • Pastor Lyle Thompson

There are moments in following Jesus were our personal agenda and God’s agenda will come into direct conflict with each other. How we respond in those moments will reveal much about us. What must we do then to get ourselves to the place where it’s no longer “My will be done,” but where we can honestly say, “Thy will be done!”?

Count The Cost

March 20, 2022 • Pastor Jack Schull • Mark 8:27–38

Eventually, following Jesus is going to cost you something. And you will be glad it did. Deny yourself now or lose yourself later. All relationships have a cost to them, but good ones, also have a reward. Following where Jesus leads is always for our best, but it may not be the easiest.