Spiritual Sticking Points

April 9, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

We all wrestle with things in our lives. For many, they wrestle with faith, and what priority it should play or if it should play a role in their life at all. We look tonight at Acts chapter 8 and someone who was encountering a spiritual sticking point in their journey and how God met them at their point of struggle. Friend, it is well worth your investment to seek out truth – to investigate Christ for yourself. If you’ll turn in God’s direction, you will discover that He has always been turned in yours. We hope this series on The Case for Christ will be a blessing to you.

Resurrection Reliability

April 16, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we continue our series around The Case for Christ and the opportunity we’ve been given to investigate the credibility of faith, we look at the reliability of the Resurrection. It’s the lynchpin of all of Christianity. The Apostle Paul passes on the oldest creed we have in 1 Corinthians 15. We have overwhelming evidence to the reliability of the resurrection. Good Friday and Easter Sunday declare unashamedly and unequivocally: God loves YOU friend.

Coming Home

April 23, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Maybe you’ve seen it in airports or online – those moments where people are reunited as one runs to another. Welcome home. There’s something just so beautiful and right about those moments. As we continue our look into the Case for Christ – we see the narrative from Scripture, that Jesus’ work was about making a way for humanity to ‘come home’ into relationship with our Creator. Jesus made a way for us to get HOME – into a relationship with God. Jesus made a way when there was NO WAY for us to make our own. THE QUESTION IS: Will you take a surrendered posture and accept the way Jesus made? Will you take him up on his offer and come HOME?

Invest & Invite

April 30, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

This series isn’t about trying to win an argument, this is about a conversation around the credibility of faith and the Jesus story. God is at work in the world and we're to join him. It is getting us to care about what God cares most about: PEOPLE. Inviting people into knowing they're loved and discover their way home into relationship with Jesus.