The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-18 (entire service)

March 15, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

As we continue our look in the gospel of John, we see Jesus step forward into a role and a title that was reserved for God himself. Jesus is stating his deity again by proclaiming that he is The Good Shepherd. Friends: we are invited to KNOW the Good Shepherd as the leader of our everyday life today, not just for our eternal life someday. Jesus knows you and is here to lead you in our here and now. You’re safe when you’re close to the Shepherd.

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The Reset

John 21 • May 24, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

Do ya remember your old gaming system you played as a kid? They had this little invention that assisted you if it ever froze, got stuck or you wanted a redo - it was the RESET button. Following Peter's story out after his failure moment, we see him returning to his old life of fishing - but Jesus meets him and gives him a RESET moment. It's a moment we all need at times. Thanks to Jesus, it's a moment we're each invited into.

When We Fail

John 18:15-27 & Hebrews 12:8-11 • May 17, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. As we continue our journey in the gospel of John, I want us to peer into a MISTAKE MOMENT of Peter and what we learn about Jesus. Sometimes, just like Peter, we get things right! Sometimes, just like Peter, we most definitely get things wrong. What Peter will come to discover is God’s amazing truth: You can’t “work your way” into God’s grace and you can't “behave your way” out of it. Jesus shows us that God is a God of CORRECTION, not CONDEMNATION.

Jesus Prays

John ch. 17 • May 10, 2020 • Pastor Jack Schull

Let's look into a prayer of Jesus. It’s known as the great Priestly Prayer of Jesus in the gospel of John, chapter 17. There's so much that comes from how Jesus prays. Read it. Lean into it. Meet His heart for you in it. He knew all that would occur once the church began to move – so he prayed for you, for me, for us. And He still does...