Grow in Wonder

December 10, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

When Jesus was born - all was not merry and bright. Christmas is a gift. A gift that invites us to grow in the wonder of God. The single most astonishing story every told still calls for us to experience WONDER…even if not everything is wonderful. Choose to grow your wonder this season by intentionally & creatively making the celebration of Christmas > the obligations of Christmas.

Sharing the Journey

Elements people sharing God stories from 2017 • December 31, 2017 • Pastor Bryan Lee

No matter what your circumstances are God is still God and God is still good! Listen to some of our church community share how God has worked in their lives in 2017 and our prayers for 2018!

Christmas Eve 2017

December 24, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Christmas is a season that calls us to grow. To grow in WONDER, grow in COMPASSION, and also be a part of the ever-growing REACH of Christmas. The reach outward to impact many and bring them home to life with God, as well as, the reach inward to transform us connected to Christ, step by step to reflect Him more. The reach of Christmas launched that Holy Night and no one is beyond it's ever-expanding reach even now.

Grow in Compassion

December 17, 2017 • Pastor Jack Schull

Christmas calls us to grow our compassion capacity – as we remember that God moved with His absolute best expression of compassion in the giving of His Son Jesus! Our culture says that ruthless competition is the key to life; Jesus shows that relentless compassion is the purpose of life.