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The Embassy Church App is here! Now you can have the Embassy Experience in the palm of your hands and never miss an event or supernatural moments that is known as The Experience. The Embassy App features content from the powerful leadership of Embassy International Worship Center, Lead by our Senior Pastor, Apostle Bryan Meadows. With the Embassy App, you can now be connected to powerful resources consist of sermons, diagrams, and events of Embassy International Worship Center in Atlanta, Ga. We are called to be stewards of that coming wave of glory. We are established as an apostolic house to lay the foundation for this next shift, from denominational to dimensional. As the 21st century Church we must be apostolic in our approach, and not just invade different geographical regions but also various world systems and sectors, such as government, business, entertainment, family, arts and media, and education. This is how this generation will rise and establish the Throne of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ.