#58 | Ask Yourself Seven Whys

Breaking away from achievement-based worth

September 5, 2019

At a place like Duke where accomplishments and scores get you in and GPAs and theses carry you out, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the achievement-proves-worth cycle. And yet at the same time, God truly has brought each of us here to achieve incredible things with the gifts He’s given us! So how are we supposed to pursue excellence in a healthy way? Turns out the answer is simple but the practice is challenging. Are you up for asking yourself difficult questions and discovering where you might be placing your worth? If you are, join us for this week’s episode of Friar Side Chats, and get ready to ask yourself seven whys... And as a bonus, you’ll get to hear Fr. Mike’s one and only all-nighter experience!

#68 | Manifestation of Love

March 12, 2021

We crave peace. We crave love. We crave rest. But we're also some of the most impatient people to have walked the earth. Join us in this fresh episode all about cultivating patience. From the fruits of patience in our relationships, to practical techniques for growing in patience, to recognizing the difference between our time and God's time -- it's a topic we have to think about deeply if we hope to grow closer to our ever-patient Savior, Jesus.

#67 | Own Your Story

February 25, 2021

Friar Side Chats is back for a fresh season! In today's episode we’re challenged to take a look back at our own spiritual history: where our journey began, how we got to where we are today, and the role God has played in all of it. Between pivotal moments in our lives and people who have helped us along the way, God has been working in our lives every small step of the way. So join the Friar Side Chats crew as together we explore how to see God’s presence more clearly and why we need to know and own our personal spiritual story.

#66 | Strange Summers

July 10, 2020

Here we are in the middle of an unprecedented summer. In Durham, we’re worshipping in a parking garage; at home, you’re wearing masks with family and friends; in our communities, we’re marching and advocating and learning. The good news amidst it all is the Good News: that Jesus came to live among us, that His love for us is abundant, and that He is with us no matter what we’re facing or how we’re feeling. But not just in some pie-in-the-sky, sending-good-vibes kind of way. In some very real, tangible, and creative ways—if we’re willing to look for them. So join us in this episode of Friar Side Chats as we dig into the complexity of returning to Mass, the difference between external practices and internal relationship, and so much more. (Plus a special segment devised by Fr. Mike to test your Catholic saint trivia!)