Catching Foxes

October 1, 2023 • Eddie Williams • Song of Songs 2:8–17

Join us as we continue to seek wisdom and guidance from the Song of Songs--shedding light on love, sex, marriage, and the body. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of this beautiful love poem, providing a fresh biblical perspective on the sanctity of marriage and sex. In this sermon, we delve into the richness of chapter 2 of the Song of Songs and begin exploring the deep bond between a man and a woman and the timeless message it holds for us today. 

In this sermon, Pastor Eddie, tackles some challenging issues surrounding modern marriage--dissecting the consequences of sin and disobedience, and exploring how these "foxes" can creep into our relationships. We also discuss how to protect and fight for our marriages, highlighting the importance of vigilance and prevention. We'll tackle head-on the issue of submission and sacrificial love in marriage, debunking false narratives and illuminating the true biblical intention behind these instructions. 

To round out the conversation, we address the thorny issue of divorce and the redemption that's still possible in troubled marriages. With a focus on seeking reconciliation, we provide practical advice for confessing sins and discuss the value of premarital counseling. Finally, we offer insights on how to prioritize relationships and balance old friendships with marriage commitments, and provide tips for improving marital relationships and creating a loving, respectful partnership. Don't miss this enlightening and inspiring exploration of marriage through the lens of the Song of Songs.


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