Talking To Myself - Psalm 103

July 30, 2023 • Ryan Falls • Psalm 103

Join us as we navigate through the powerful teachings of Psalm 103 and the wisdom it imparts about self-conversation. This enlightening discussion reveals how normal and important it is to have both internal and external conversations with oneself. We unveil the significant truths about God's heart, the heart within us, and the remarkable power it holds for restoration, hope, and transformation.

Our exploration into Psalm 103 further enlightens us about the essence of remembering God's activity in our lives, a trait that humans often forget due to distractions. We draw inspiration from Moses and the Children of Israel, reminding us to always remember the benefits of knowing and following God, including forgiveness, healing, redemption, steadfast love and mercy, and renewal. Get ready to gain insights into how God works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.

Prepare to have a deeper understanding of the power and cost of forgiveness. We take a look at God's wrath and its relation to world evils, through the lens of Mirslav Wolf's perspective. Learn how Jesus' sacrifice reconciles us with God, despite bearing God's wrath. We discuss how God is our healer, redeemer, and deeply loving companion. We delve into how counseling can aid us in understanding our stories and the role God plays in it. In a chaotic world, listen to how grounding in God’s love can remind us of his plans to redeem and restore our stories, and how seeking God’s healing and forgiveness can help us to sit with our stories.


Self-Conversation, Psalm 103, Internal Dialogue, External Dialogue, Restoration, Transformation, Hope, Forgiveness, Healing, Redemption, Steadfast Love, Mercy, Renewal, Righteousness, Justice, Redemption, Restoration, Doxa Church, Westminster, Ryan Falls

Declaring Dependence On God - Psalm 2

August 27, 2023 • Chris Rich • Psalm 2

How well do we truly know the heart of God? Journey with us and our guest, Pastor Chris Rich, as we plunge into the profound depths of the Psalms - a divine symphony of human emotions revealing timeless wisdom about God. Hold tight as we navigate the contrasting paths of wisdom and rebellion, painted vividly by the nations' responses to God's leadership throughout the Bible. Witness the rebellious nations as they rage against the Lord, choosing revolt over worship. Together we'll traverse through the wise and wicked paths, reflecting on the world's response to God's leadership since the dawn of the Bible. We'll explore God's scorn of the insolent nations, and what it signifies about the humility we must embody when surrendering to God's rule. We'll probe the prophecy of a king in Psalm 2, witnessing its fulfillment in Jesus Christ's life, a testament to God's promise of a future devoid of sin, suffering, and tears. Finally, we'll examine the two paths set before us, one leading to ruin and the other to life, reflecting on Jesus's mission to shatter sin's bonds and grant us freedom and life. We'll conclude with a sincere prayer of thanksgiving for God's word, His benevolent warning, and the perfect life Jesus led on our behalf. ---------- Psalms, Bible, Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Rebellion, Authority, Nations, Wisdom, Dignity, Honor, Respect, Humility, Prophecy, Jesus Christ, Death, Sin, Suffering, Tears, Destruction, Life, Freedom, Doxa Church, Redmond

Declaring Dependence On God - Psalm 2 - Sermon Transcript

August 27, 2023 • Chris Rich • Psalm 2

My Helper and Keeper - Psalm 121

August 20, 2023 • Alex Early • Psalm 121

Ever found yourself wrestling with life's hardest questions, looking for answers that seem just out of reach? Join us as we seek guidance from an unlikely place - Psalm 121 - led by the insightful Pastor Alex Early from Redemption Church. Pastor Alex helps us navigate the transformative power of the Psalms, these beautifully raw expressions of human emotions, with a special focus on Psalm 121. He walks us through the comforting imagery of the Lord as our protector and keeper, offering us a beacon of hope in our darkest times. Familiar with the phrase "I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?" Well, we dive into this powerful Psalm of Ascension. We discuss its profound implications in our modern lives, particularly in our pursuit of salvation, and how we often turn to false idols in lieu of the true source of salvation: God. We share personal stories, reflections, and insights on this transformative journey up the metaphorical mountain to Jerusalem, bringing the scripture alive in the context of our contemporary lives.  ----------- Psalm 121, Pastor Alex Early, Doxa Church, Redemption Church, Bible, Psalms, Human Emotion, False Idols, Salvation, Divine Protection, Lord, Keeper, Shade, Evil, Faithfulness, Struggles, Thanksgiving, Prayer