Pharaoh, the Plagues, and the God Who Preserves His People

March 21, 2021 • Mike Bullmore • Exodus 8-10

Sermon Application Questions: 1. Have you had an experience of God preserving you through a spiritually dangerous or challenging time? 2. Have you ever wondered if God is really able to preserve you through everything all the way to the end? What kinds of things make you wonder that? 3. It is clear that God’s working through the plagues and though the exodus is so that people will know, without doubt, that he is the one true and all-powerful God. What difference is that truth making in your life? 4. Were you surprised to hear God call the Egyptians 'my people' (Isaiah 19:25)? What does that do to your vision of God and his purposes? What implications might this have on your own sense of belonging to God? What implications might it have for how you see others? Music and Lyrics Used by Permission CCLI# 1595532

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Exodus Revisited

May 16, 2021 • Mike Bullmore

Sermon Application Questions: 1. Why does God have the writer of Psalm 105 rewrite the events he’s already had Moses record in the book of Exodus? What does the fact that this psalm was written 400 years after Exodus say about its usefulness for us living so many years after the Exodus? 2. How does that saying, “The way to build trust in a relationship is to make promises and keep them” strike you? Do you think it is true? Does it help you in your appreciation of God or does it seem like it doesn’t really apply? 3. What promises that God has made are most precious to you and would be most devastating to you if God did not “remember”? What accounts of God’s remembering in the past do you need to “remember” (v. 5) that will help you trust him now?

The Bible's Best Word

May 9, 2021 • Mike Bullmore

Music and Lyrics Used by Permission CCLI# 1595532 Sermon Application Questions: Think of the two main points from today’s message: 1. God means his presence with his people to be uninterrupted. 2. God means his presence to be known by his people. Reflect on each of these truths as they relate to your life, and then ask: What is the level of my confidence in and my experience of God’s presence? How do I think about it? How does it affect my day-to-day life? How might I grow in experiencing what God desires for me?

A Dreadful Step Back, A Huge Step Forward

May 2, 2021 • Mike Bullmore

Sermon Application Questions: 1. Have you allowed any impatience to turn to unbelief and lead you into idolatry? What might that look like? 2. Are you currently perhaps experiencing some correction from God that you need to pay attention to? How would you know that it is God’s correction? 3. If there has been sin, have you responded to God in true repentance? What would true repentance look like? 4. Are you enjoying all that God has for you in Christ today?