January 5 - February 2, 2020 Sunday Morning Series

The Priority of Conviction

January 5, 2020 • David Jett

In every launch there is a degree of uncertainty…In every launch there is always a degree of risk… There is always a risk of sinking or crashing…There is always a risk of getting off course or failing… There is also the possibility of starting out only to turn back to shore…But without a LAUNCH there is NEVER the excitement of accomplishment… There is never the fulfillment of having attempted something great and carried it all the way to the finish. This series is about the excitement of launching into a great adventure where, despite the dangers, we reach a desired destination!

The Power of Confession

January 12, 2020 • David Jett

We are progressing forward in this series into a message titled, “The Priority of Conviction”. ONE THING Biblical Confession BREAKS the LIES we have BELIEVED and AWAKES the TRUTH we have RECEIVED! Our words rule us! Our entire life is primarily a product of words that were spoken over us and words spoken by us… The Biblical word, “confession”, is the word, homologia. Homologia is the combination of two Greek words… • Homo, which means “the same” • Logia, which means “word” So the literal meaning of the word is, “saying the same word”. Confession means “saying the same words our heart believes.”

The Practice of Compassion

January 19, 2020 • David Jett

A Compassionate HEART will ENTER, EXPERIENCE and EXPEL the PAIN of OTHERS!

The Production of Consistency

January 26, 2020 • David Jett

Most believers want to follow Jesus no matter what! Most believers try to follow Jesus no matter what! Most believers fail to follow Jesus no matter what! The problem is not a lack of power. The problem is not a lack of resources. The problem is not a lack of motivation. The problem lies in the lack of ongoing consistency!

Clarity in Confusion

February 2, 2020 • Carter Collins

Clarity of the Outcome 1. “Forbidden” doesn’t mean FOREVER 2. “Not you” doesn’t mean NO ONE 3. “Shift in assignment” doesn’t mean shift in CALLING 4. “No” doesn’t mean God is not WORKING