Arrival of the Holy Spirit

Acts Series

September 1, 2021 • Brad Randall • Acts 2:1–13

There are certain stories in the Bible that we would have loved to witness firsthand. The arrival of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 is certainly one of those moments. Not only was it amazing, but it was a fulfillment of prophecy for the Church. Unlike the birth of Jesus, this moment wasn’t quiet and peaceful. It drew great attention from everyone in Jerusalem. They truly witnessed a miracle of the power of God as He made clear the truth of the Gospel.

Disturbing the Peace

October 20, 2021 • Brad Randall • Acts 4:17–21, Acts 4:1–4, Acts 4:13, Acts 4:14–16

Disturbing the Peace

Ordinary Made Extraordinary

October 13, 2021 • Ben Boyd • Acts 4:1–22

Men's Bible Study with Ben Boyd

God-Given Opportunity

October 6, 2021 • Brad Randall • Acts 3:11–26

Life is full of opportunities. Some we miss out on and some we have gratefully taken advantage of. In Acts 3, when a crowd gathered, Peter & John saw an opportunity to share the Gospel. May God help us to see the opportunities that He gifts us with to share the God News of Jesus with others. (Audio issues happen 17 minutes into the study due to technical issue)