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Wednesday Evenings at 6 PM

Celebrating Our Deliverance

Esther Series • May 19, 2021 • Brad Randall

Who doesn’t like to celebrate? Of course, we all enjoy getting together to celebrate someone or maybe a certain date or moment. Purim became the celebration of Israel’s deliverance from the hand of Haman and it's still a part of the Jewish heritage today. God delivered His people! As we study Purim, we're reminded of the importance of Christmas and Easter. God made a way for deliverance for all of mankind and it is more than worthy of a celebration! Recorded live on May 19, 2021 at 6:30 PM

The Reward is Coming

May 5, 2021 • Brad Randall

Everyone knows what it’s like to patiently and anxiously wait on something. The Book of Esther tells about Mordecai helping to save the life of the king only to be forgotten about, but only for a little while. Eventually, the king was reminded and Mordecai received a great reward. For those that follow Jesus, our reward is greater than we could ever deserve. It is unhindered presence and glory of God for eternity! Recorded live on May 5, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Holy Hunger for God

April 28, 2021 • Brad Randall

Esther, Mordecai, and the entire nation of Israel was in danger. Action was needed in order for their lives to be saved and they immediately took the right step. Before they went to man, they went to God with fasting and prayer! This is an action we are called to as believers as well. Ultimately, fasting and prayer is about knowing God more. However, we also see in God’s Word how God listens to our requests and faithfully answers our cries the way He did in the Book of Esther. Recorded live on April 28, 2021 at 6:30 PM

God’s Plan & His People

April 21, 2021 • Brad Randall

God’s Plan and Purpose is tightly interwoven throughout the Book of Esther. Esther was shown favor to be in the position of queen, but was then faced with the decision whether or not to risk her life on behalf of her people, the Jews. Mordecai reminded Esther of God’s promise for the Jews and how God would rescue them. However, she needed to consider that she had become queen for this very moment and opportunity for God to use her to deliver the Jews. Recorded live on April 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Sovereignty of God’s Favor

April 14, 2021 • Brad Randall

The Book of Esther doesn’t say the word “God”, yet shows His presence and purpose throughout this story about God’s people. God is sovereign and has authority even when we feel like He is absent. His authority, along with His kindness brings about His plan through His people. Esther and Mordecai were shown favor, but it was used for His plan to redeem. In the same way, God’s children today are shown favor and kindness. These things are given to us to glorify Him and be a part of His great work. Recorded live on April 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM

The Result of Spiritual Maturity

April 7, 2021 • Brad Randall

For this final week in the Book of James, God’s Word shows us an image of a mature follower of Jesus. This image reveals a life that revolves around being a child of God. However, a child of God also knows what authority God has given to him or her. James concludes by showing us that a mature believer is one who loves and cares for others. There’s truly no such thing as spiritual maturity if love for God and love for others isn’t present.

Patiently Waiting on God

PART 2 • March 31, 2021 • Brad Randall

Everyone needs people they can look to as examples in life. When we are going through difficulties, it helps to see how others have handles the same situations. God spoke through James to remind us that others have experienced suffering. Like Job and prophets, we can endure suffering with patience and trust God's purpose as we patiently wait on the Day of Christ's return.

Patiently Waiting on God

PART 1 • March 24, 2021 • Brad Randall

For most of us, hearing the words “be patient” doesn’t sit well. We want certain things and we want them almost immediately. James tells those who are enduring hardship to wait patiently on the return of Christ. However, as we wait on God we are called to earnestly serve His Kingdom and not allow persecution to cause us to argue and fight with each other.

A Rich Warning

March 10, 2021 • Ben Boyd

James 5 brings forth the reality that we have a responsibility and are to come under the authority of Jesus in regards to how we treat people in relation to our money and resources. James emphasizes to apply this to our lives because our final judgment is at stake. Don’t let your earthly assets become eternal liabilities and step into a life of generosity!

Arrogant Planning

March 3, 2021 • Brad Randall

Is it really necessary for us to plan? Sure, but what we discover in James 4 is if planning is done wrong, then it is worthless. A follower of Christ is someone who depends and trust to be guided by the Holy Spirit. This means that we are no longer independent, but dependent even when it comes to tomorrow. To live life according to self is considered arrogant and certainly leads to a self-filled life instead of a Spirit-filled one.

James and the other 10 Commandments

February 24, 2021 • Brad Randall

The battle that rages within us has the potential to destroy us. But, God’s grace is sufficient for those who humbly seek Him. The second section of James 4 gives us a list of 10 imperatives or commandments that are spiritually designed for us to not be overcome by our desires and passions for this world. Jesus is the answer; more of Him and less of ourselves.

The Importance of Peace

February 10, 2021 • Brad Randall

It’s hard to put a price on peace. When it seems absent and chaos is everywhere, we realize how valuable it truly is. The Church should be filled with peace which means we deal with each other peacefully. James helps us to see that chaos and quarrels come from within us and that the effects of not being satisfied in Christ alone.

Recap for James 1-3

February 3, 2021 • Brad Randall

After a few months break, it was time to review seven weeks of the Book of James. The brother of Jesus wrote this letter to scattered believers who were experiencing persecution and trials. He reminded them, and reminds us, that God uses trials to bring about spiritual maturity that is necessary for Him to use us in great ways for His Kingdom. This maturity helps us to see each other the way God sees us and shows us our desperate need for wisdom that can only come from the Spirit living in us.

James: Week 7 - Wisdom vs. Knowledge

November 4, 2020 • Brad Randall

God hasn’t given everyone a gifted mind, but all believers are called to seek godly wisdom. There’s a vast difference between the two! Unlike earthly knowledge, wisdom is never contained only in our minds. Instead, wisdom is lived out in our actions and leads to works of righteousness that pleases God.

James: Week 6 - Taming Our Tongue

October 28, 2020 • Brad Randall

Though small in size, our tongue has great power and influence. It can lead in the right direction, but can lead in the wrong direction as well. It has the ability to build others, but can also be an instrument of destruction. However, the tongue is still submissive to the heart. For the mature believer, the tongue is tamed by the Holy Spirit. However, those who do not believe in Christ or those who are spiritually immature allow the tongue to run wild and do the work of evil.