Jesus In Archeology • March 31, 2018 • Dr. Craig Evans

How does Archaeology relate to the New Testament and the life of Jesus? What is the value of "material culture" (i.e., archaeological evidence) for interpreting Jesus and the Gospels? Have many people mentioned in the bible been confirmed as historical figures due to new archaeological discoveries? Dr. Craig A. Evans answers these and many other questions in this exciting and informative interview. Learn how archaeological evidence enlightens our understanding of the life and death of Jesus and the culture in which he lived.


Miracles with Dr. Craig Keener [Part 1] • March 24, 2018 • Dr. Craig Keener

Most modern prejudice against biblical miracle reports depends on David Hume's argument that uniform human experience precluded miracles. Yet current research shows that human experience is far from uniform. In fact, hundreds of millions of people today claim to have experienced miracles. Frank interviews New Testament scholar Craig Keener not only about the reliability of the miracle eyewitness accounts of Gospels and Acts but also documented modern-day miracles. The evidence will leave with more than just something to think about.


Failed Arguments Against Miracles • March 17, 2018 • Frank Turek

If miracles are not possible, then Christianity cannot be true. Many across the centuries have tried to bring arguments against miracles. Maybe the most famous advocate against the possibility of miracles is David Hume. Almost three hundred years after his death, Hume's argument is still being taught in philosophy courses around the world today. In this podcast, Frank shows why Hume's argument fails and why other arguments against miracles tend to be circular.


Miracles: Do They Occur? • March 12, 2018 • Frank Turek

What are miracles? Do They Occur? What about the miracles in Biblical times? Dr. Frank Turek discusses the six different categories of unusual events and whether miracles occur today. This is a fundamental truth of our Christian Faith, make sure you know how to engage in conversation about with topic.


Who is Gen Z? • February 24, 2018 • Jonathan Morrow

Frank remembers the life and legacy of the great Billy Graham followed by a fundamental conversation with Jonathan Morrow from the Impact 360 Institute about the latest findings on Gen Z. Find out who they are and what they believe about truth, Christianity, and reality in general. How can we reach them knowing that only 4% of them hold to a Biblical worldview.

LIVE from Vanderbilt University

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist @ 7pm CT • March 19, 2018 • Frank Turek

LIVE I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist from East Tennessee State University w/ Dr. Frank Turek You can also watch it live at the CrossExamined.org website or on our Official CrossExamined Facebook Page.


Answering More Atheist Questions • February 17, 2018 • Frank Turek

After traveling for several weeks and presenting the truth of Christianity on five different college campuses, Frank answers some of the questions raised by Atheist during those presentations in this Podcast. He also talks about the most recent school shooting and the press slamming Vice President Mike Pence about his religious beliefs.


Do God’s Commands Change? • February 10, 2018 • Frank Turek

After several presentations in different universities across the U.S. Frank unpacks some of the most commonly asked questions by his audience during the Q&A section of his I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist presentations. He also answers some questions from his live audience during the last segment of the show.


Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality • February 3, 2018

Frank interviews best-selling author Nancy Pearcey about her new book Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality which goes beyond politically correct talking points to offer a riveting exposé of the dehumanizing secularist ethos that shapes critical moral and socio-political issues of our day.


The Left vs. Free Speech • January 27, 2018 • Frank Turek

Frank analyzes the debate between Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman. They discuss topics such as gender, equality, pay gap and more. The crystal clear thinking and eloquence shown by Prof. Peterson puts the spotlight on the Left's position to subvert free speech. This is a podcast you definitely want to listen and relisten.


Is Jesus the Real Messiah? • January 20, 2018 • Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown and Frank answer the following Jewish Objections to Jesus: • Isn’t the Messiah supposed to build the third temple? Jesus didn’t do that. • The Messiah is supposed to gather all the Jews back to the land of Israel and usher in peace. Jesus didn’t do that. • Doesn’t the NT take OT prophecies out of context, like Isaiah 7:14? • What do Jews say about a child being born whom will be Mighty God (Isa. 9:6)? • Isn’t the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 53 Israel?


Zombie Science • January 13, 2018 • Dr. Jonathan Wells

In 2000, biologist Jonathan Wells took the science world by storm with Icons of Evolution, a book showing how biology textbooks routinely promote Darwinism using bogus evidence— in Zombie Science, Wells asks a simple question: If the icons of evolution were just innocent textbook errors, why do so many of them still persist? Science has enriched our lives and led to countless discoveries. But now, Wells argues, it’s being corrupted. Empirical science is devolving into zombie science, shuffling along unfazed by opposing evidence. Don't miss this fantastic interview with Dr. Wells about his new book, Zombie Science!


The Historical Reliability of the Gospels • January 6, 2018 • Dr. Craig Blomberg

The reliability of the Gospels is under attack. Skeptics seek to undermine the story of Jesus Christ by saying we cannot really trust the Gospel. "They were not written by eye-witnesses," "They contradict each other," "They have historical errors." Those who have not studied this subject may be caught off-guard and begin to lose the footing of their faith. Frank interviews one of the leading scholars in the subject, the Distinguished Professor of New Testament from Denver Seminary, Dr. Craig Blomberg! He shares some great insights on the topic during this podcast and tells us how to learn more about it directly from him on his new Online Course.


Five Proofs of the Existence of God • December 30, 2017 • Edward Feser

A fantastic interview with prolific writer and professor of philosophy, Dr. Edward Feser. Called by National Review “one of the best contemporary writers on philosophy.” Feser gives a brief exposition and defense in this podcast of five of the historically most important (but in recent years largely neglected) philosophical proofs of God’s existence: the Aristotelian, the Neo-Platonic, the Augustinian, the Thomistic, and the Rationalist. This is one of the best podcasts of the year, don't miss it! Learn More: http://bit.ly/5Proofs_Book


If Satan was a Professor • December 16, 2017 • Frank Turek

Frank highlights the morally vacuous courses at major universities. A new wave of identity politics is infecting higher education, playing directly into the hands of leftist administrators, professors, and students seeking to reach a new low in their victim olympics. The result is a disregard for personal responsibility or individual freedom. Don't miss this podcast YOU NEED to know this.


Give Them The Keys: Making a Youth Ministry a Youth's Ministry • December 9, 2017 • Tim Ramsey

Frank interviews Tim Ramsey about his new book. Imagine joining a sports team but never getting a chance to play or even attend the games. Imagine if all you did was talk about the game, and never got to enjoy the benefits of playing it. Many youth groups are like that. They talk a lot about being part of the Kingdom but never help the students actually get in the game to advance the Kingdom. Tim gives us great tips on how to do youth's ministry the right way!


Exposing More Contradictions • December 2, 2017 • Frank Turek

In this brief podcast, Frank tackles some of the inconsistencies of adhering to a worldview that claims we can choose our own gender. He also educates those who claim that one can be “racists” against Islam (Muslims).


Exposing Atheist Contradictions • November 25, 2017 • Frank Turek

Frank exposes several contradictions that are unavoidable if one holds to a materialistic, atheistic worldview. There seems to be a mismatch between their beliefs and reality, and we should point this out. Another great podcast by Dr. Turek.


Evidence That Demands a Verdict • November 18, 2017 • Sean McDowell

Frank interviews the co-author of the modern apologetics classic that started it all and is now completely revised and updated—the truth of the Bible doesn’t change, but its critics do. With the original Evidence That Demands a Verdict, bestselling author Josh McDowell gave Christian readers the answers they needed to defend their faith against the harshest critics and skeptics. Now, with his son Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell has updated and expanded this classic resource for a new generation. Sean shares how 70% of this book is now new information! Don’t miss this podcast!


Questions about Mass Shootings • November 11, 2017 • J. Warner Wallace

In the wake of the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church mass shooting in Texas, many questions arise, and our national conversation about gun violence intensifies. We grieve with these families and cannot ignore the evil done by the perpetrator. Detective J. Warner Wallace answers some questions about mass shootings and how we should handle the discourse on these delicate issues.


Talking with Your Kids about God • November 4, 2017 • Natasha Crain

Christian parenting is hard work--and it's getting harder. Parents have a deep desire to pass on their faith but fear that today's increasingly skeptical and hostile world will eventually lead their kids to reject the truth of Christianity. That leaves many parents feeling overwhelmed--uncertain of what they can do to help their children, given the difficulty and extent of the faith challenges they will face. Frank interviews author Natasha Crain about her new book a practical and timely resource that gives parents the confidence of knowing what to discuss with their children and how to discuss it in order to facilitate impactful conversations that will form the basis of a lifelong faith.