Is it time to run and hide?

March 14, 2020 • Dr. Dan Eichenberger

Is it time to run and hide? Should you cut yourself off from other people because of the coronavirus? Is the level of concern reasonable or overblown? Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is Frank’s guest, and he gives a shot of sanity into our sensationalized environment. Among the questions he and Frank investigate: · What is unique about the coronavirus? Is this anything new? · How deadly is it? · Up to 50,000 people in the US will die of the flu this year. How many from the coronavirus? · What will most who get the virus experience? · Does it make sense to shut all large gatherings down, including church services? · If you were a benevolent dictator of America, what would you do? Frank looks to the scriptures and other Christians (including C.S. Lewis) for how Christians should live in the face of risk. The truth is, we always live with the threat of death. All of us also have a virus called sin. Christians know the cure, and people right now might be more open to considering that cure.