Slavery with Paul Copan

May 11, 2013


Leaving Christianity for new truth? • August 17, 2019 • Frank Turek

· Are people leaving Christianity for a “new" truth? · Does science keep piercing the truth of every religion? · Is the Bible full of contradictions? · Does God send 4 billion people to hell? · Is it really true that no one talks about these things? Join Frank and he responds to these issues raised by Marty Sampson, the Hillsong worship leader who says that his faith is now on “Incredibly shaky ground.” Frank also highlights some of the comments made about this by John Cooper, of the Christian rock band Skillet. Pray for Mr. Sampson. He says that he is familiar with the work of William Lane Craig, John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Michael Licona and Frank Turek. We pray he will get the answers he needs. Frank also addressed a few of the questions you’ve sent in, including: · Why did God wait so long to stop the child sacrifice of the Canaanites? · How can you follow a God who promises eternal torture? · (Does He actually promise that?) · Why did God give Adam and Eve access to the tree in the garden?


Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions • August 10, 2019 • Frank Turek

Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions. So you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong! You’re arrogant! Is that true? Frank answers many of the questions you’ve emailed to Hello@Crossexamined.org including: · Is love possible if atheism is true? · Unless you observe it directly, do you have to have faith to believe it? · Why pray when these shootings keep happening? · How can we love America when its founders were slave owners? · Why do we say the god of the bible is the ground of morality? · Is once saved, always saved, true? What about those who fall away? · Did we god create us, or did we create god? · Is it arrogant and pompous to say you’re right and others are wrong?


Leaving Christianity For Sex? • August 3, 2019 • Frank Turek

Pastor and author Joshua Harris recently announced that he has divorced his wife and left Christianity. He also has denounced Christian sexual morality. What can we learn from this? Here are some of the questions Frank addresses: · What reasons did he give? Did he cite evidence that Christianity is false? · By leaving Christianity hasn’t he adopted a new faith? · By what standard does he support his new beliefs? · Should we call out false teachers? · According to the Apostle Paul and Thomas Aquinas, how does sexual immorality make us stupid and dismissive of those who disagree with us? · Is this a choice between Christianity and the religion of sex? · How is Mr. Harris being just as exclusionary as the Christians he now blames? We need to pray for Mr. Harris and his family. But all of us have to make a choice: Are you going to trust your life and eternity to the sinless Jesus or the sinful culture?