One Takes - June 9 - Serenitye Taylor

June 9, 2021

In today’s Weekly One Takes, Pastoral Resident Serenitye Taylor speaks with Covenant member Fielding Williams, who reflects on the importance of having a community of support within the church, especially during times of sadness, stress and joy. Fielding leads Covenant’s Nurturing our Neighbor, a group organized to reach out to members experiencing things like loss, sickness, surgery, birth or adoption. “It’s not easy to ask for help, but when someone recognizes and reaches out in compassion,” says Fielding, “it’s not as difficult to accept their generosity.”

One Takes - June 16 - Bob Henderson

In today’s Weekly One Takes, Bob Henderson reflects on the passing of a dear friend and the many things he learned from her. He recalls, in particular, her generosity and faithfulness, and encourages all of us to consider how the ways we live – what small acts, decisions and dispositions that we display -- shape what others will remember of us. “It’s a good exercise,” he says, “a humbling exercise.”

One Takes - June 2 - Grace Lindvall

Reopening and Relationships • June 2, 2021 • Grace Lindvall

Weekly One Takes: Katherine Kerr -- May 26, 2021

In today’s Weekly One Takes, Katherine Kerr chats with Serenitye Taylor, Pastoral Resident for Congregational Care, and Laura Capranica, our new Faith Community Nurse, both of whom joined the Covenant staff this week. Serenitye and Laura share a little bit about themselves and what they bring to their new roles. “I believe we are creating a team that is going to do extraordinary things here in bringing this community together as we come back from the pandemic,” says Katherine, “providing the best kind of care as we navigate the challenges as well as the joys in a community of faith together.”