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The official app for Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Brighton Michigan. Cornerstone EPC seeks to dig our roots deep into the biblical truth of God’s word and build a strong foundation of our faith which will impact our lives. Cornerstone is committed to: • Having a Christ-Centered community of believers to worship God as family, • Sharing the light of the gospel in community and across the globe, • And speaking the truth of the gospel, the Spirit, and Jesus Christ. -About Cornerstone- Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church strives to provide a caring, encouraging atmosphere where people from all walks of life can explore and embrace Christianity. We believe in the authority and infallibility of the Bible, trusting it to reveal God's will and wisdom to all mankind. As a Church, we believe the Bible contains all of the guidelines necessary for living a joyful and purposeful life. It offers guidance in making important decisions. It tells us how to get along at home and at work. It teaches us how to date, marry, raise children, and stay married. It shows hurting people how to put their lives back together. Most important of all, it tells us how to be at peace with God and gain eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. -About our App- Cornerstone’s App is not only the perfect way to stay connected as a church body at the tip of your fingers, but also to use as a tool to share the gospel. Some of our best website features have been made a part of our app include: • Listen to and watch sermons • Accessing our preaching schedule • View our calendar and upcoming events • Share sermons and links with your friends • Daily Bible reading plan This app is by no means exclusive to our church members, rather we encourage all to download this app and enjoy its versatile features to share the gospel. For more information about Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church, visit cornerstoneforlife.com The Cornerstone EPC App was created with the Subsplash App Platform.