Defending the Resurrection

Monday Meal – April 9

May 9, 2022 • Devin O'Donnell, Megan Tallman

Welcome to another Monday Meal! We are still in the season of Easter on the church calendar. In light of this, we are reading an essay that defends the veracity of Christ's resurrection. This essay is by Megan Tallman and was one of the top "forensic speeches" selected for its excellence by Mr. Kimball in his Senior Rhetoric class.

Megan's speech is an exercise in what rhetoricians call "the conjectural speech," which aims to prove whether a crime happened or not. More broadly, a conjectural speech is a question of fact: did an alleged event happen? At a Classical Christian school, naturally, we take the classical tools of rhetoric and apply them to proving the historical reliability of the Christian faith. Thus, this paper answers a simple question, "Did the resurrection really happen?" Of all the facts in the history of the world, the resurrection of Jesus is the most significant. How one answers this question will govern the rest of one's life. Hear Megan Tallman's answer now. You also can find her essay printed in the upcoming Cultura Edition, along with other content as well. Hope you enjoy.

The Valedictorian Speech by Moses Wiens

June 27, 2022 • Samantha Tate , Moses Wiens

In this Monday Meal, we feature Moses' Wiens who delivered the Valedictorian Speech at The Oaks Graduation2022. Moses did an amazing job. Enjoy!

See Yourself in a Story

June 13, 2022 • Brittany Hartke

In this Monday Meal, Brittany Hartke reminds us to see ourselves in a story. Miss Hartke delivered her commencement speech to the senior class and to families at The Oaks 2022 Graduation ceremony. Enjoy, and well done seniors!

The Hunt for Happiness

May 23, 2022 • Devin O'Donnell, Ben Tate

Today's Monday Meal is an essay called "The Hunt for Happiness," written by our very own Ben Tate. Mr. Tate teaches History, Bible, and Math at The Oaks. Drawing from the wisdom of past voices, as well as on the wisdom of latter ages, Ben Tate responds to perennial questions regarding human existence: what does it mean to be happy, and does happiness matter for a Christian? In a time where pleasure and feeling good is the highest good, his answer matters. You can find Ben Tate's essay printed in the this month's edition of Cultura, along with Megan Tallman's speech defending the resurrection of Christ.