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Welcome to Church Project. WHAT THIS APP IS FOR // Here, you can get connected into a House Church near you AND get connected into lifestage events to make friends with those in a similar lifestage as you. Also, you can get resourced in your daily alone time with God, how to have conversations that lead toward salvation, how to start discipling others and more. Follow along as we study God's Word, verse by verse, and be a part of all that's happening in the life of Church Project. ABOUT CHURCH PROJECT // We want to change the way people see CHRIST, CHRISTIANS, and the CHURCH. We are a NETWORK of Churches – committed to RETHINK and RETURN to the ways of a New Testament ECCLESIOLOGY. We are a CHURCH – a gathering of people who love Jesus and love each other. Our intent is always to be unashamedly biblical, irreducibly simple, understandably relevant to all and radically generous. And we are a PROJECT – an ongoing pursuit of Christ originally intended the Church to be. We gather weekly by the thousands in a simple way to sing songs, study Scripture, share stories, pray and give. We do this through Sunday Gatherings. A CHURCH OF HOUSE CHURCHES // We gather by the dozens like the early church in what they called House Church – diverse community in close proximity, where each person is known and pastored. We do this in House Churches across our city. SIMPLICITY FOR THE SAKE OF GENEROSITY // We give our lives, time and money to meet needs of those around us. We do this through serving alongside local and global Ministry Partners. We operate with simplicity for the sake of generosity. And we transfer our love for Jesus by discipling others to make disciples. See more: https://www.churchproject.org/