40 Day Fast

Seek His Face Corporately

February 22 - April 2, 2023

At the Year End Downpour, it was made abundantly clear that God wanted to release His glory in our midst. Along with that desire came an invitation: Will we draw close to Him? Will we seek his face? Will we be steadfast in His Word? As a body, we want to respond to the Lord's invitation to us by hosting a 40 Day Fast starting February 22 through Palm Sunday, April 2. Scripture time and time again reiterates how critical fasting and prayer are to our intimacy with Jesus and advance our Kingdom walk. To sign up and access all the resources we've made available, hit the "Sign Up & Resources" button on this page. Under the "Sign Up & Resources" button on this page, you'll see the many tools we offer to help you stay the course: 1. Free videos & a PDF describing why fasting matters. 2. Corporate prayer times happening from Sunday through Thursday at CLC to help you stay engaged in prayer. 3. A chance to purchase the new 40-day devotional entitled, "The Encounter: 40 Days of fasting with Jesus" for only $10! 4. See the daily video devotionals from leaders and members of CLC on the church app and on our website. All of these and other tools and resources are available by hitting the "Sign Up & Resources" button on this page! Will you join us for the 40 Day Fast and see what God has in store for you as we corporately draw near to him? For more information contact Pastor Denise by hitting the link to her email on this page. You can also hit the link for her phone number and dial her extension, xt. 201, when prompted.