CLC Christmas Party

December 5, 2021
4:30 - 7:30pm

You do not want to miss one of this Year’s best events! CLC is once again hosting our Christmas Party on Sunday, December 5 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. This year, we are doing it right here at CLC. We will be having our food catered through Mezzanine. We will be selling tickets, which must be purchased ahead of time. Please purchase your tickets by Nov 28. (To make it possible for people to attend this wonderful family event, we are not charging you the full cost of the meal, as CLC will be picking up a portion of the cost as our gift to you.) The cost of the tickets below is your portion of the price per ticket. Purchase your ticket in the lobby or by hitting the "Pay for Tix Here" button on this page. For adults and children over 10, there are two meal options: Chicken Marsala ($20) or Marinated Steak Tips ($22). For children 10 & under, the cost is $10 for homemade mac & cheese and chicken tenders. If you can, sponsor someone by buying an extra ticket so that everyone can join us. Adult meals will include a side salad, roasted vegetables and green beans, and dessert. Children's meals will include dessert. This event is the perfect way to begin the Christmas Season for you and your family! The evening is filled with delicious food, wonderful company, a photo booth, and plenty of fun, including dancing, for the whole family! So make sure you pick up your tickets as soon as possible! For more information contact the CLC office by hitting the link on this page for either the email or the phone number.