Easter Choir Production

April 9, 2023

The good news began to spread with one simple testimony of a woman who met the resurrected Jesus at the tomb in the garden, and the testimony of people meeting Jesus has been going on ever since! In fact, each of us has a unique, ongoing testimony of the resurrected Jesus coming and touching our lives. That is the message of this year's Easter Choir Production, entitled, Testify! Join the CLC choir for this music production on Easter Sunday, April 9 at the 9 & 11 a.m. services here at Christian Life Church in Eliot, Maine. Besides some great music, you'll also witness the stories of people just like you who experienced the goodness of God. This is one production you won't want to miss. And make sure to invite friends and family as well! You can help spread the word by hitting the "Share" button on this page and posting on your social media. For more information, contact Rena Bold by hitting the link for her email. You can also hit the phone number and wait to dial her extension, xt. 203, when prompted.