Sermon on the Mount

Part II

The King's Standards: Retaliation, Relationships, and Righteousness

Matthew 5:38-48 • June 11, 2017 • Adam Bailie

Kingdom Treasures: Weddings and Words

Matthew 5:31-37 • June 4, 2017 • Adam Bailie

Jesus values the promises we make in marriage and our speech. To preserve and protect what He treasures, we need to elevate what Jesus elevates and diminish what Jesus diminishes.

Kingdom Righteousness: Sexuality

Matthew 5:27-30 • May 28, 2017 • Adam Bailie

Jesus demands sexual purity from His kingdom citizens that that requires that we make adjustments in our lives. We must believe, think, look, and act differently because of this mandate. We need to hear from Jesus.

Kingdom Righteousness: Murder

Matthew 5:21-26 • May 7, 2017 • Adam Bailie

We are proficient at self-righteousness, but Jesus defines kingdom righteousness. He replaces my standard, reveals my sin, and requires my solution.

Clarity from the King

Matthew 5:17-20 • April 30, 2017 • Adam Bailie

King Jesus is clear about the Old Testament, His identity, His relationship with us, and our relationship with Him. Run to Jesus for confidence, clarity, and change.

Kingdom Impact

Matthew 5:13-16 • April 23, 2017 • Jeffrey Carlson

All followers of Jesus are commissioned by Jesus to have gospel impact in their community. To effectively execute the mission, kingdom citizens need to be affected, aware, clear, and motivated to make a kingdom impact.