A Call to Fast

August 8, 2021

Why has the spiritual discipline of fasting become a lost practice amongst believers today? Join Pastor Rick as he explores this subject and brings this timely message.

- Today, I will sign up for a Connect Group.
- This week, I will fast and pray with my church family.
- I will join our church for Worship Night on Sunday.

Palm Sunday

April 2, 2023 • Pastor Jeremy Kuehn

Join Pastor Jeremy as we take a look at what Palm Sunday teaches us about being a people of peace.

What's The Purpose?

March 26, 2023 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Your understanding of the purpose of the Bible will determine how you treat the Bible. Join Pastor Rick as he unpacks this timeless truth about Scripture.  NEXT STEPS: This week, I will... - Sign up for the Tithe Challenge at http://www.christplace.church/tithe.  - Read the Bible daily and treat it as Holy and essential in my relationship with God. - Seek opportunities to minister and speak truth into someone's life.

Stolen Identity

January 1, 2023 • Pastor Nathan Kroll

Join us this week as Pastor Nathan delivers a powerful message on stolen identity.