Stand-Alone Messages

Guest Speakers, Sermons not in a series

Faith or Fear

May 1, 2022

Guest Speaker, Jeffrey Portmann


January 2, 2022 • Pastor Johnathan Reynolds

Dreams… we all have them. Some of them make sense, some scare us, and we are thankful it was just a dream, and sometimes they don't make sense. Sometimes God birth's a dream deep within our spirit. Join us as Pastor Johnathan discusses the dream that God births within you. NEXT STEP: • I want to challenge you to pray for the next seven days. Ask God, “What dream are you wanting to birth in my life for 2022?”

A Call to Fast

August 8, 2021

Why has the spiritual discipline of fasting become a lost practice amongst believers today? Join Pastor Rick as he explores this subject and brings this timely message. NEXT STEPS: - Today, I will sign up for a Connect Group. - This week, I will fast and pray with my church family. - I will join our church for Worship Night on Sunday.

Dead, Buried, Raised to New Life

May 16, 2021 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us this week as pastor Rick talks about the significance of our decision to identify with Christ in water baptism. Why is it such a big deal? NEXT STEPS: - Today I'm signing up to attend a Summer Splash Baptism Orientation. - This week I will memorize Matthew 3:17.

A Psalm of Calm in a Crisis

April 11, 2021 • Guest Speaker, General Superintendent, Doug Clay

Join us this week as our guest speaker, Assembly of God General Superintendent, Doug Clay, talks about finding calm in a time of crisis. Next steps: •I will memorize Psalm 23. •No matter what, I will remember that God is in control. •I would like to serve on a dream team. www.christplace.church/dreamteam

One Week to Live

March 28, 2021 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

What would you do if you knew that you had only one week to live? Join us this week as Pastor Rick talks about Jesus’ last week on earth. NEXT STEPS: •I will go out of my way to bring someone with me to Easter at Christ Place. www.christplace.church/easter •Each day this week, I will reflect on Jesus’ One Week To Live. •This week, I will pray one hour reflecting on Jesus’ life and love.

LEGACY: Possibilities Resulting from Failure

January 3, 2021 • Pastor Terry Brown

We live in a world of celebrities who are making their mark and leaving their legacies. We tend to think that our lives are not of any real consequence. But even in our failures, Jesus Christ sees purpose and meaning for us, and He gently calls us to pursue Him so that our lives will reach their full potential. Next Steps: • I will not let my failures be final. I will follow Jesus anyway! • I will renew my devotion to Jesus in 2021 by connecting more completely to Him and His church. • I will read scripture and pray with new regularity in this new year.

Everything is Going to be Alright

November 15, 2020 • Guest Speaker, Reggie Dabbs

Join us this weekend with Guest Speaker Reggie Dabbs as he delivers a powerful word: “Everything is going to be Alright.” Next Steps: 1. This week, I will look for opportunities to put my trust in Christ. 2. I will choose this week to walk in the peace that only comes from Christ.


August 16, 2020 • Guest Speaker, Bill Allison

NEXT STEPS: • This week, I will memorize the Disciple Makers Prayer. www.cadremissionaries.com/manifesto • Today, I will sign up for a Connect Group or help facilitate one at www.christplace.church/connect. • This week I will join the Wednesday Prayer Night. www.christplace.church/pray

It's Not Over Yet

August 9, 2020 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us this week as Pastor Rick talks about “It’s Not Over Yet” and what that looks like in our world. COVID-19 is not over yet. Social unrest is not over yet. Political rhetoric is not over yet. That’s all true, but God illustrates who gets the last word in a story taken from Acts 27. NEXT STEPS: •Today, I will sign up for Saturday’s Disciple Making Experience at www.christplace.church. •Today, I will sign up for a Connect Group or help facilitate one at www.christplace.church/connect. •This week I will join the Wednesday Prayer Night.

Sowing and Reaping

August 1, 2020 • Guest Speaker, Missionary Bruce Ridpath

NEXT STEPS: -This week, I will pray for our nation and the nation of Colombia. -I will consider how I can be more generous to help the Kingdom of God advance in Lincoln and around the world.

Unstoppable - Holy Human

July 5, 2020 • Guest Speaker, Pastor Josh Mayo

NEXT STEPS: 1. What area(s) of your life comes to mind when you think of the phrase: “If God started it, He will finish it?” Spend some time in prayer this week committing those areas back into the Lord’s hands. 2. Memorize Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” 3. The offended life is not the victorious life. Do you need to forgive yourself, another believer, or even The Church for their human side? It’s only on Christ the solid rock you stand! 4. Reminder: When you see the brokenness of our world, Jesus gave you the “towel” to love and serve those around you not to judge and call it quits. (Philippians 2:5-8)

The Meaning of the Meal

June 1, 2020 • Pastor Terry Brown

This message is an opportunity for you to take the Lord’s Supper, even if you are not presently gathered with other Christians. In preparation for that moment in the message, collect the bread and cup for Communion. Next Steps: • Each day this week, I will thank Jesus for making my freedom possible. • I will read and meditate on the wedding feast spoken of in Revelation 19. • If tempted to think Jesus has given up on me, I will read and meditate on John 21.

Time To Pivot

April 5, 2020 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us this week as Pastor Rick talks about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem the week before His crucifixion and how it can impact our lives today. NEXT STEPS: • I purpose to make my mission to praise Him this week amidst the chaos of COVID-19. • I lay down the garment of (circle one): fear, pride, doubt or __________. • I will tell others about Christ’s Place by inviting people to join us this Easter weekend online. www.christplace.church/online.


March 29, 2020 • Pastor Rick Lorimer

Join us this week as Pastor Rick addresses us getting to know the God that Jesus knows. NEXT STEPS: • I will pray the Lord’s Prayer each day this week - morning, noon and night. • Today, I will learn how to navigate www.cplace.tv by using it for my Connection Card & Prayer Requests. • This week, I’m asking God to further my understanding & trust of His Father’s heart.