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"be part of something bigger"

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so maybe you've been wondering why CHIC 2012? glad you asked... fellowship with kids around the country amazing music heart changing worship life changing teaching

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10am - Reg Opens

Youth Pastors, check in at dorm

11am - 6pm

Welcome Party at the HUB

Aquatic Center Parking Lot; The Hub We are so excited for you to arrive at CHIC2012! After you check in at the dorms, you'll want to head straight to the Welcome Party at the spot we call "The Hub," located in the Aquatic Center Parking Lot. Starting your CHIC journey at the Welcome Party means you'll find: - Amazing LIVE bands throughout the day, featuring The Wrecking, Group 1 Crew, and Level 3:16. - A mind-blowing D.J. and M.C. duo - Other students from around the country and around the world to connect with! - An Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool. - Huge athletic fields for all of your athletic needs. Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball... you name it, we've got it! - Lots of creative options, including "The Wall" where you can express yourself in a big way! - More "door prizes" and "give-a-ways" then we can list here! - Food, food, food, food, and food! - Inflatable, bouncy goodness. - A satellite CHICstore. This will be your first opportunity to get your hands on CHIC2012 gear! - Finally...a friendly greeting from some amazing staff who have come to CHIC 2012 to make sure you have a fun and rich time all week!

5 - 7pm

Dinner (1st meal in campus dining)

6 - 7pm

Counselor Meeting

Counselors will have devotions, gain encouragement, and learn important updates to make the most of their time at CHIC, and to help their students make the most of their time.

8am - 10:30pm

Mainstage • Harvey Carey

CHIC is known for bringing together a fantastic line-up of gifted communicators and artists and 2012 is no exception. In fact, this might be our best line-up yet!

10:30pm - 12am

Small Group

Small Groups are the place where we break down the hugeness of CHIC into a more personal setting. Small Groups start right after Mainstage and provide a safe environment for students to process their experience at CHIC. Check with your counselor for your group meeting location. Regardless of your meeting location, you must be back in your dorm room by midnight with lights out by 12:30 AM.


In Dorms


Lights Out

CHIC2012 Sign Up

by Modesto Cov Student Ministries • October 6, 2011

Modesto, CA youth group announcement about signing up for CHIC 2012


by Brady Anderson • February 8, 2012

Covenant High in Christ, otherwise known as "CHIC," is a triennial event conference for high schoolers of Evangelical Covenant Churches all around the US. The purpose of CHIC is to be a catalyst that inspires Christ-like change; challenging students to see themselves as part of something bigger and inspiring students on the journey of following Christ. This was a short video I (Brady Anderson) put together for my Church promoting this event.

CHIC 2012 Auction Funny Promo Video

by Modesto Cov Student Ministries • May 19, 2012

A hilarious reminder about the Modesto Cov CHIC Auction which happened Friday June 1st!

Counting CHIC Change

by Modesto Cov Student Ministries • May 25, 2012

Well...Well...Well...look who I found counting the CHIC change!

Should I go to CHIC 2012?

by Lars Eric Stromberg • September 12, 2011 • Ask our alums!

Should I go to CHIC 2012? Ask our alums! Hi-League alumni give their CHIC shoutouts.

We Want to Throw a Block Party!

by Lars Eric Stromberg • March 9, 2012

The official submission into the CHIC 2012 Leap forward competition from the Hinsdale Loft.

CHIC 2012 Leap Forward Proposal

from Bethany Covenant Church • March 9, 2012

Our goal is to start and maintain a tutoring program at the Sudanese Evangelical Covenant Church of Manchester, NH for academic support for their children as well as an outreach to their community.

CHIC Promo Jonny Gaspardis

by Jonny Gaspardis • November 3, 2011

Jonny Gaspardis' reasons for going to CHIC 2012!

Be Glorified

(live at CHIC 2012) • June 29, 2012 • Matt Lundgren

This is the first of four songs written exclusively for #chic2012