The Book of 2 Corinthians

Sunday Morning through 2 Corinthians Dec - March 2020

Faith Within the Midst of Pandemic Fear

March 15, 2020 • Brad Lambert

As the pandemic draws the world into panic, and the need to exercise wisdom grows, we need a supernatural perspective through the promises that the New Covenant gives us. As we tell people to rest in the Lord and not to panic, we cannot appeal to the gravity or level of danger of the disease, which still shows that our hearts are captive to the level of danger. Instead we must appeal to God's promises that even though the earth be removed and fall into the midst of the sea, we shall not fear. It is right for wisdom to respond to the true level of the danger, but it is never right to respond in fear, but always in faith.

We Do Not Lose Heart

March 8, 2020 • Brad Lambert

New Covenant Discipleship

March 1, 2020 • Matthew Carver

Because we start our Christian walks incredibly self-imposed, New Covenant discipleship must occur that strips us of our old way of thinking and fills us and focuses us on the glory of God. Jesus' aim for us is to take us on a journey from self-sufficiency to Him-sufficiency, and for that he must confront us and expose to us the self-deceit that resides in each one of our hearts. It is a painful process, but it is a process we can trust him in because he has loved us with an everlasting covenant of love, and because he is the only one qualified in the truth to lead us into what is actually true. That very discipleship journey is illustrated in the journey Jesus leads the disciples in in Luke 9.

Removing the Vail...Gazing upon the Glory

February 24, 2020 • Brad Lambert

The New Covenant

February 17, 2020 • Brad Lambert

"All the words which the Lord has said we will do." This was the cry of the Israelites when they heard the reading of the law on Mount Sinai. The only problem was they didn't have the ability within themselves to follow through. Where does that ability come from? Brad reminds us that we have nothing in ourselves that is sufficient but to the contrary it is the Lord. "I will cry out to the Lord most High, the God who performs all things for me" Psalm 57:2. "When God is doing something for you that you can't do that's the New Covenant."

National Prayer Breakfast

February 9, 2020 • Brad Lambert, Darryle Hebert, Matt Carver

Awake out of Sleep

February 2, 2020 • Paul Pao Pao

Not Ignorant of Satan's Devices

January 26, 2020 • Brad Lambert

Unfortunately the spiritual warfare the for the service regarding spiritual warfare was so thick that we were not able to record the message. But if you read the passage you will find that part of Satan's devices is to provoke people not to forgive each other and reaffirm our love for each other. Therefore, this is a good lesson in spiritual warfare for you the one here seeking this video, to reaffirm your love for the poor sound people who were not able to give you this message. You might actually learn more from this about spiritual warfare and forgiveness than if you had listened to the message. God bless you.

The Promises of God are Yes and Amen!

January 19, 2020 • Brad Lambert

The Simple Life

January 12, 2020 • Matthew Carver

God's Comfort in the World's Trials

January 5, 2020 • Brad Lambert

Advocate, Comforter, Helper

December 29, 2019 • Brad Lambert