Luke 7 - Jesus' Own City

Week 6

Rock, Thorns, and Roots

Luke 8:1-15

Seen and Heard

Luke 7:18-30

Faith Like This

Luke 7:1-16

Storm Proof

Luke 6:46-49

Logs and Sawdust

Luke 6:37-42

Wreck The Roof

Remove All Barriers to Get People To Jesus

Empty The Jar

The Gifts We Bring Glorify Him and Transform Us

Grip The Plow

Keep Pressing Ahead & Don't Look Back

Catch The Wind

Following the Spirit

Be The Branch

It all starts with being connected to Jesus.

Graves To Gardens

Easter Sunday

Gardens To Graves

Palm Sunday

Love Without Limits

Luke 6:27-36

To The Depths (Official Lyric Video)

Redemption Music

A New Community

Luke 6:12-26

New Sabbath

Luke 6:1-11

House Call

Luke 5:27-32

How To Date

Week 3 of 3

Freedom's Song (Podcast Extras)

Redemption Music

For Better Or Worse

Week 2 of 3