Drawing Out | Calling In

Part 1 | The Saga of Exodus

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • January 5, 2020 • Pastor Travis

We launch into the New Year looking at one of the great sagas told in all the Bible. The Exodus is the story of God redeeming an entire nation called to teach the world about God’s love for all people.

Part 2 | The Exodus of Moses

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • January 12, 2020 • Pastor Travis

Moses is being shaped and formed to be a great leader. The path to becoming a great leader is experiencing the trials and life situations you want to lead others through. The Lord is giving Moses experiences that will help him lead Israel out of slavery.

Part 3 | I Am Who I Am

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • January 19, 2020 • Pastor Travis

We continue this week looking at Exodus 3 and 4. In one of the more recognized stories in Scripture Moses encounters God at the burning bush. Join us this Sunday as we learn how this encounter teaches us about how we can approach God for ourselves and discern His call in our lives.

Part 4 | The Wrath of God

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • January 26, 2020 • Zakk Uhler

In Exodus chapter 7 & 8, Egypt is struck with plagues. We look into what God is up to in the midst of these plagues and how He is establishing Himself as the One true God. In this passage, we clearly see the wrath of God at work in Egypt, but we also witness and marinate in the richness of His goodness, kindness, and grace.

Part 5 | The Passover

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • February 2, 2020 • Pastor Marty

How does the Most High God, our Creator, handle the rebellion of humanity? How can One whose nature is Holy and Just, also be Merciful and Loving? The creation needs justice and we want justice to reign over others, but what about our own rebellion and sin? The Tenth plague is about Justice and Mercy and the vivid story demonstrates how the LORD can choose to show mercy, even to us as we eat and drink from the LORD's Table in Communion.

Part 6 | When things get Difficult

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • February 9, 2020 • Pastor Marty

600 Egyptian war chariots coming at you would cause anyone to feel fear. What do you do when the situation is so difficult that you feel powerless and on the edge of doom? That day the Israelites melted into anxious faithlessness. Then Moses told them to stand firm and in silence, watch the LORD vanquish their enemy. By the end of the day all the chariots were at the bottom of the Sea. Exodus 14:30 "Thus the LORD saved Israel that day..."

Part 7 | Living the Transformed Life

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • February 17, 2020 • Pastor Travis

God is faithful to his people. Even when we are not faithful He hears and extends His grace. Even more than extending grace, however, God provides a way of peace, hope out of despair. Join us this Sunday as we explore these themes in Exodus 16.

Part 8 | The People of God

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • February 23, 2020 • Pastor Travis

God desires a relationship with his people. God has gone to great lengths to establish the opportunity for a relationship with him. This Sunday join us as we continue to learn how God has rescued us and offered a relationship with us at a heart level.

Part 9 | The Priest

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • March 1, 2020 • Zakk Uhler

"The Priest" (Exodus 28) Exodus 28 gives us insight into the role of a priest in the Old Testament. In this passage, God describes the expected garments of the priest in the tabernacle. This section of Exodus is a beautiful foreshadowing of the future New Covenant and of Christ Himself. We will be discussing the role and purpose of a priest and what a priest mean to us today.

Part 10 | Trespass: Doing What is Prohibited

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • March 8, 2020 • Pastor Marty

​It's the third month of Exodus from Egypt. The people of Israel have joyously made a covenant with the LORD. They will obey His commands and ways, and He will be their God and lead them into a land of promise. Moses is called up the mountain where God instructs him regarding how He will dwell or tabernacle with the people. Ironically and odiously, at the base of the mountain, the people give Moses up as lost after 40 days of waiting and demand an idol god to worship as their new divine leader. They trespass the first three commandments and break the covenant. God sees it all. What does God do with sinners like us?

Part 11 | How can God Forgive?

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • March 15, 2020 • Pastor Marty

Last week we looked at Israel's great trespass; while Moses was up on the mountain with God, they fashioned an idol and worshipped it. Moses hopes that "perhaps I can make atonement", but he cannot. We read further to find that God somehow is able to renew the covenant and dwell with and bless these "stiff-necked" people. How can a Holy God grant amnesty to a people who have thought and acted this way?

Part 12 | God is Not Surprised

Exodus: Drawing Out and Calling In • March 22, 2020 • Pastor Travis

We live in extraordinary times but not unprecedented times. God works through his people both in times of prospering and trouble. God is always preparing his church to do the gospel ministry no matter the world events that face it. Join us as we finish our series by teaching from Exodus 40 which reveals how we are prepared to give God glory in all circumstances.