Luke 2018

Sunday Morning Service

Luke 13:22-35

Sunday Morning Third Service • May 19, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"What follows is tragic. I pray it hits home in your hearts... Too many today are pretend-Christians, insisting they are saved and going to heaven. Yet for many there is absolutely no change in their behavior! People who should be uncomfortable in churches are too comfortable in them."

Luke 13:10-21

Sunday Morning Second Service • May 12, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"This would be a church service no one would forget! Jesus deliberately chose a Sabbath day because He had a point to make! He was the living Sabbath—our rest (Heb.4). He wanted to demonstrate the principle of freedom."

Luke 13:1-9

Sunday Morning Third Service • May 5, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"How many times have you broken His heart? We belong to Him and we promised to bear fruit for Him. Yet so many of us—year after year—make excuses for our trees being barren. It’s time to stop making excuses for not doing what God wants, for not bearing fruit for His kingdom, and come to repentance today."

Luke 12:49-59

Sunday Morning Second Service • April 28, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"The disciples will, some 50 days after His resurrection, see cloven tongues of fire— symbolic of the entrance of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Judgment? Yes. But a different kind. He would force all of us to deal with the judgment of our own sin. He would convict the world of righteousness (lack of it), of sin, and of judgment. And of our need for a Savior."

Luke 12:35-48

Sunday Morning First Service • April 7, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Jesus shifts our focus here from worrying about present material needs to being careful about our futures. In other words, He instructs how to do/be just the opposite of the foolish farmer in our parable 2 weeks ago. The issues raised in this entire chapter (hypocrisy, greed, worry) all have the same answer—get ready for the Lord’s return!"

Luke 12:22-34

Sunday Morning Third Service • March 31, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"It is clear here that Jesus has more in mind than just food and clothing…He is considering our essential personality, our mission for having life in the first place. The essence of who we are and to whom we belong. What should our priority be? Pleasing God! That alone should be the priority of our existence because that, according to Jesus, is what we were created for!"

Luke 12:13-23

Sunday Morning First Service • March 24, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Is your life a personal-pronoun life? How many personal pronouns are there in your prayers? Do you make plans for each day (or year or career or even for your kids) based on what you want? Or do you consider/prioritize what God wants? I ask the question because I know the answer: most Christians (by an overwhelming margin) go about their day..... (just like the unsaved world) without even thinking about what God would ask of them! That is a tragedy."

Luke 12:1-12

Sunday Morning Second Service • March 17, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Jesus is speaking to His disciples. They are going to be in danger, there is a very difficult road ahead. It is my hope that we don’t downplay this warning. By downplay, I mean that we have a tendency to read this and, because it’s history, we forget that following Jesus is hard! We all need to be warned about the pitfalls that await men and women sold out for Christ. Things are going to get harder, much harder, and Jesus wants us to be prepared."

Luke 11:42-54

Sunday Morning First Service • March 10, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Warren Wiersbe says ‘reputation is what people think we are; character is what God knows we are.’ Lots of Christians have forgotten about how important it is to have Godly character. Integrity. For many, there is simply no fear of God. 'As long as people think I am serving the Lord, what does it matter what my motives are?' Character is sadly lacking among many Christians—even leaders."

Luke 11:29-41

Sunday Morning Third Service • March 3, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"God has placed you and me as lights in this dark world. How illuminating is your light? Is your life on display for Jesus or is your light so hidden that people can barely tell you are a Christian? Are there some people in your life (work, buddies, relatives) that would actually be surprised to hear you are a Christian? God says we are to shine."

Luke 11:14-28

Sunday Morning Second Service • February 24, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"The problem I am led to deal with today is this one: what if one lays claim to being with Jesus but, by his/her actions, instead appears to be scattering (v.23)? This is what each one of you has to decide internally and individually. Do you really belong to Jesus? If so, your relationship is much more than just hoping you’ve somehow managed to get to heaven. It means you are gathering with the Lord—doing His will and spreading His message. If you are not doing those things, how is it possible to seriously think you are saved? Today we have to decide."

Luke 11:1-13

Sunday Morning Second Service • February 17, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"This is a different occasion altogether than when Jesus was asked by His disciples to teach them to pray in Matthew’s gospel. For the disciples, learning to pray was essential. It seems they sensed the need to learn; in a few short months Jesus will be gone. They will be on their own and they need to know how to seek God for direction, strength. The disciples did not ask Jesus to teach them to do miracles, nor did they ask Him to teach them to preach. They wanted to learn the secret of His powerful prayer life!"

Luke 10:38-42

Sunday Morning Third Service • February 10, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"This story is not about Mary (though I will talk about her today as we finish); we often forget that. Because Jesus said she found the better part, we tend to think of her as the central character. Not so. Martha is the one in view here as Jesus is going to deal with some issues in her heart."

Luke 10:17-37

Sunday Morning First Service • February 3, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Most of us would love for God to give us a list of things to accomplish in order to secure our place in heaven. The problem is that even the desire to merit our way into heaven is born of pride. Please pay attention because our study today is really about the heart we serve with, the heart with which we approach God."

Luke 10:1-16

Sunday Morning First Service • January 27, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"To be an ambassador is to hold a position of honor and significance. Jesus appoints these 72 men (and us—because we have been given the same, great commission) to be His personal representatives to accomplish the work of God on earth AFTER He leaves. Consider this a training-mission of sorts."