Luke 2018

Sunday Morning Service

Luke 18:1-14

Sunday Morning First Service • September 15, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"The principle meaning of this parable (and what follows) is only understood when connected with what we just read (in the previous chapter) regarding when the kingdom of God was coming. This is not a teaching out of chronological order; it is intended (we know from verses 7-8) that it must be understood in the context of the 2nd coming of Jesus—the Day of the Lord."

Luke 17:20-37

Sunday Morning Second Service • September 1, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"It has always been true that people misunderstand God’s kingdom on earth. People—then and now—view it as though something is going to happen to them. Jesus explains that it is something that happens in them. As we prepare our hearts for this Bible study, let’s ask the Lord to help us understand how the Kingdom of God can occur right here, right now."

Luke 17:12-19

Sunday Morning First Service • August 25, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Please understand that being brand-new is the whole point of this story! You were once lost in sin; you no longer are. You were once headed for an eternity of torment and torture; you no longer need be! That’s why being brand-new (as opposed to being an improved version of the old-you) is the only way to start all over."

Luke 17:1-10

Sunday Morning Second Service • August 18, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"He (Jesus) tells His followers (you and me today) that we are to watch/protect ourselves! From what? From falling into the same trap the Pharisees have fallen into. From judging people or imposing our own legalistic standards on others. From... holding on to unforgiveness and from forgetting what the Pharisees had forgotten—that they were servants of God! Every one of us in this room this morning needs never to forget that we are servants and, as such, our job is simply to do what we are told."

Luke 16:19-31

Sunday Morning Third Service • August 11, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"I want to begin here this morning by pointing out that the mention of Lazarus by name is how we know this is a real story as opposed to a parable. Jesus never used real names in parables; his point here is obvious… He has tried every way possible to get the attention of the Pharisees. He has been direct. He has used parables to illustrate the truth of His statements. The sneer, however, has not left their faces and Jesus now turns to a real-life example of the exactly what it will cost the Pharisees if they do not repent."

Luke 16:14-18

Sunday Morning First Service • August 4, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"The opening statement in our study is frightening (at least it should be). God knows our hearts! Not the one we rationalize sin away with—our real hearts! The Pharisees were sneering because Jesus just nailed them about loving money! We, like the Pharisees, often reject the Word of God because it hits a little too close to home."

Luke 16:1-14

Sunday Morning Second Service • July 28, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"This parable causes more anxiety than perhaps any other parable. If you have access to a NLT, it does a much better job of translating the passage to communicate the intent. I get a lot of questions about Jesus commending the dishonest manager so let’s see if we can’t make it clear today."

Luke 15:22-32

Sunday Morning Second Service • July 21, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"The older son in the parable represents the Pharisees who were muttering under their breath at the beginning of the chapter. But he also represents the Pharisee in all of us. You see, there are still lots of people—in church and out—who think they are somehow good enough to be acceptable to God. ‘I follow the rules.’ ‘I don’t hurt anyone.’ ‘I go to church…’ You get the idea."

Luke 15:11-22

Sunday Morning Second Service • July 14, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Young men and women often make bad choices. That’s part of what being young is all about. It’s about learning that we never really make our own way. It’s about learning that we’re never really free. You may leave your parents home but there’s always a landlord, there’s always a boss. There are always people who don’t like you. We are never, ever free when not following Jesus."

Luke 15:1-10

Sunday Morning Second Service • July 7, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"This is one parable, not three, having three distinct pictures. Look for pictures today—we find all three persons of the Triune God doing their work. God looks for that which is lost—that’s His part. But this parable also demonstrates man’s part—we have to be found and respond."

Luke 14:35-15:2

Sunday Morning Second Service • June 16, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Last week, we focused on our response to a call to discipleship. Today, Jesus brings us full circle back to Him… You see, Jesus is the One surveying this huge crowd of people. They claim to be excited about Him—the works He is doing, the things He is teaching. But remember: Jesus committed Himself to no man because He knew what was in their hearts! That’s why He uses the illustration of salt…"

Luke 14:25-33

Sunday Morning Second Service • June 9, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"Whenever Jesus was speaking to large crowds, He wanted to be sure they knew what it really means to follow Him. He knew their hearts; most were following Him because of the miracles He was doing. Some followed because they believed/hoped He was the Messiah. But the Lord’s purpose here was to make sure that everyone knew that following Him was hard—very hard. They needed to understand they had to give up things from their old lives, things they valued."

Luke 14:15-24

Sunday Morning First Service • June 2, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

RE: verse 15; Like many people today, this man has the wrong idea about the kingdom of God. The parable that follows is a long answer to his statement about being happy (blessed) by the promises of the Messianic banquet. Jesus is asking him—and you here today—this simple question: you are happy about the promised rewards but are you ready (personally, right now) to accept your invitation to it? It is a question we all need to answer in this study.

Luke 14:1-14

Sunday Morning Second Service • May 26, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"In this chapter Jesus deals with all kinds of people, all of them having impure motives for wanting to be with Him. Because Jesus is hanging around with less than sincere-types throughout the entire chapter, let’s begin by honestly examining what Jesus knows of our own hearts this; let’s try to be sure that we are sincere."

Luke 13:22-35

Sunday Morning Third Service • May 19, 2019 • Ron Arbaugh

"What follows is tragic. I pray it hits home in your hearts... Too many today are pretend-Christians, insisting they are saved and going to heaven. Yet for many there is absolutely no change in their behavior! People who should be uncomfortable in churches are too comfortable in them."