Friday Evening Service

Acts 19:21-41

Friday Evening Service • July 13, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"Paul understood that often God has different plans than we do. Paul knew he would go to Rome; so did God. Even though God’s will was more difficult, Paul was able to recognize the hand of God and rejoice that His will was being done! Question—can you, when things get tough, rejoice that God’s will is being done in/through you?"

Acts 19:1-20

Friday Evening Service • July 6, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"It is essential for all believers every day to be plugged in to our power source—God. We need to stay close. Jesus is our connection and the Holy Spirit is the conduit. If you are wondering why there seems to be so little power in your life, you are running out of juice."

Acts 18:12-28

Friday Evening Service • June 15, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"One of the reasons we have stories like this included in Scripture is to encourage all of us not to be swept away by how things appear. God’s promises are sure—even when they don’t look like it. We are going to see this huge-appearing problem fade into the sunset."

Acts 18:1-11

Friday Evening Service • June 8, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"God used Paul, who used the Word of God, to change an entire generation in the most wicked of all cities! It is the same way He works today and it is why we will always remain committed to teaching the Bible. It worked there and it will continue to work (change lives) here."

Acts 17:16-34

Friday Evening Service • May 18, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"Our study begins with Paul on sort-of a forced vacation. Ministry in Thessalonica and Berea had become dangerous, as opposition rallied against Paul and his teaching. Because God was moving, so, too, was the enemy. It seemed prudent to get Paul out of the area for a while, so he was sent to Athens to relax. Evidently, relaxing was not something Paul did well."

Acts 17:1-15

Friday Evening Service • May 11, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"Jesus came to teach us how to follow Him so we might teach others. If we are obedient, because of the power of the Holy Spirit, we really can change the world!"

Acts 16:16-40

Friday Evening Service • May 4, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"People are always watching how you, a Christian, handle adversity. Do you get overcome by fear just like people who don't know Christ? If you learn to trust God THROUGH the trials of life, people will soon be asking you this question...'what must I do to be saved?'"

Acts 16:1-15

Friday Evening Service • April 27, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"About five years has passed since the end of the last missionary journey until the time we open Chapter 16. Paul was anxious, as any good pastor would be, to see how his disciples were doing."

Acts 15:13-35

Friday Evening Service • April 20, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"How does James resolve the conflict? By going to the bible! The Word of God is the only criteria for right and wrong in matters relating to Jesus' church."

Acts 15:1-12

Friday Evening Service • April 13, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"This is the day when the church almost lost its way! Good thing God always has faithful people who will take a stand for what they know is right. In this case, Paul was the man. It is his courage, his willingness to be rejected, his uncompromising stand for grace, that kept the church from taking a wring turn!"

Acts 14:19-28

Friday Evening Service • March 23, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"Everything Paul was able to do for the Lord had heaven as its motivation! Paul had been there!" Paul's historic "road to Damascus" experience is the topic of this study by Pastor Ron.

Acts 14:1-19

Friday Evening Service • March 16, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"We have to be prepared to tell people that their religion, their faith (or beliefs--you believe your way, I'll believe my way) is WRONG! Jesus isn't just another worthless god; when something someone believes is false, they end up spending eternity in hell! Are you willing to risk telling them the truth? We owe it to people we care about."

Acts 13:42-52

Friday Evening Service • February 16, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"We remember that a large number of Jews believed and Paul urged them to continue in the message of grace he proclaimed. It seems clear that those converted couldn't wait to share with those yet to be converted and the result was a city so excited about what they were hearing that they couldn't wait for the next Sabbath."

Acts 13:13-44

Friday Evening Service • February 9, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"This is Paul's first missionary journey--how I would have loved to have been with him! He begins a pattern here of proclaiming Christ crucified and risen from the dead--a pattern that he will follow for the rest of his years! He has no idea how wonderfully/powerfully God is going to use him."

Acts 12:24-13:12

Friday Evening Service • February 2, 2018 • Ron Arbaugh

"More mouths mean more sharing and more sharing means more believers. We need not worry about the world's attacks on the Bible! They can laugh, mock, and insult those of us who believe. But the Word will continue to spread because with each new believer, the story spreads."