Xavier Villa

Student Intern

High School Junior

Why I serve as an intern... I serve to grow closer to Jesus and also other people! It has been such a great blessing to have been given the opportunity to serve and I'm praying that, through this experience, my walk with God will grow deeper than ever before. I'm also praying that God will allow me to meet a bunch of new people that I can impact in a positive way for the Lord.

This is why apologetics is so important

This Is Why Series • September 8, 2019 • Pastor Josh Terada

Have you ever wondered what "apologetics" means? And why they are even important? It's a big word but it has even bigger importance. Put on your thinking caps, and lets dig into 1 Peter 3:15 with Pastor Josh together.


Tournament of the Year Lower-Classmen Nominee

Steven & Noah

Tournament of the Year Lower-Classmen Nominee