The Outreach Report for Jesus Festival 2017

JFEST was an unbelievable success! We were hoping and praying that God would move in a mighty way, and He answered our prayers. Altogether, there were between 110 and 140 kids in attendance each day, over 60 volunteers, and 87 professions of faith. Thank you so much to all who volunteered, donated, or prayed for this year's JFEST. God's name was glorified and Jesus' love was proclaimed!

After Church Sports

If you love sports, then this event is for you! • July 16, 2017 • Lead by: Ben Garcia

It's summertime! And what better way to spend a summer afternoon than playing sports and hanging out with friends? That's why Ben Garcia is starting the After Church Sports event, which takes place every other Sunday starting 7/16. Simply meet at church at 1:00PM with water and comfortable sports clothing and get ready to have an awesome time of fellowship and fun!

Club 31

Looking at the different aspects of beauty

Society tells us what beauty is, but the Lord has such a sweeter definition. Come join us on Thursday afternoons from 1-4pm as we learn what the true meaning of beauty is and how we apply that in order to be the godly young women the Lord calls us to be. We will also be having practical/fun activities each week! This awesome girls study starts June 22nd and ends July 27th. The cost is $10 for a special book we'll be going through as a group.

JFest Supply Drive

Donate Cases of Water Bottles and Candy for a Good Cause!

On Sunday June 25th, we will hold a Bake & Tamale sale at CCEA to raise funds to help cover the costs of the outreach. If you could contribute by cooking or baking, be sure to bring them to CCEA that day. (Also do your best to spread the word about the sale, by telling others about the Jesus Festival!

NEW Wallpaper

Based on Don't Waste It & Beatitudes series

We've designed a wallpaper and screensaver based on our recent teachings for your smartphones to keep the Word with you on your phone, and in your mind.

Spotify May Playlist

Spotify Playlist • May 1, 2017

The sound of May brings back some of the best songs featured on playlist earlier this year, along with introducing some new ones! This is a month we aim to focus our hearts tighter upon Jesus, that we may discover the greater depths & widths of His love.

Lake Arrowhead 2017

All Youth Summer Retreat • Friday, June 30th - Sunday, July 2nd

As Summer is quickly approaching we are so excited to bring you the 2017 summer retreat!! We are staying in a brand new location up in Lake Arrowhead. This camp has plenty to offer from the lake, to on-site activities, and the all-day available drink machines. Join us for three days filled with Jesus, food, time with one another, and messages encompassing the power of the cross. If you have never been to a retreat or are new to the ministry this is the perfect time to get involved. We encourage you to come as we spend time in the word, grow closer to each other, and most importantly to God. We are praying God would speak to you and prepare you for this retreat and reveal to you exactly what he wants you to know about him!

Josh & Truth

Upperclassmen Student Nominee

Xavier Villa

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... I serve to grow closer to Jesus and also other people! It has been such a great blessing to have been given the opportunity to serve and I'm praying that, through this experience, my walk with God will grow deeper than ever before. I'm also praying that God will allow me to meet a bunch of new people that I can impact in a positive way for the Lord.

Vivana McBroom

Viviana McBroom

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... I serve as an intern because I know that this is something God has called me to do. Through this internship I've seen God grow me in so many ways and bring me to things I never thought I would be a part of. Through serving in this ministry God has shown me over and over again how much bigger He is than me and also how faithful He is when you give Him your obedience. I serve because I want to be obedient to the call God has placed upon my life and to further bring glory to His name.


Lowerclassmen Student Nominee

Sarah Mancino

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... I serve as a intern because I am still fairly new to the church and I wanted to get more plugged into the Youth Group and serving is an important thing that I strived to do more. I wanted to try a new experience and learn more about being behind the scenes of something important.

Kristen & Jada

Upperclassmen Student Nominees

Katelyn Brenier

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... I incredibly enjoy serving with Josh and the CCEA staff and being apart of something bigger than myself that glories the Lord's name. I serve because I feel that the Lord has called me to learn and grow underneath Josh and really grasp the meaning of ministry and how to work in it. Upon starting as an intern, my relationship with the Lord has flourished and I love every minute of it.

Kaylee Kissack

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... My hope and prayer for serving in the internship program is that I will be used and changed by the Lord, for the Lord, to be a help and blessing to the hardworking leadership/staff and my fellow students, and to develop a servants heart and a deeper love for God and His people.

Danielle Aviles

Student Intern

Why I serve as an intern... I serve as an intern because it was a special opportunity to serve in the youth ministry that was offered to me. When a special opportunity comes your way, you should not always run and be eager to take it, it's important to pray and seek God's guidance first. And this was definitely something I felt the Lord calling me to do. I hope to continue to grow more in my walk with God as I have been and growing in learning to serve more in this ministry. I hope that God continues to work in me in mighty ways and use me through this. It has been a big blessing so far to serve alongside so many wonderful people.

Edie Chambers

Upperclassmen Nominee

Kyra & Holly

Lowerclassmen Leader Nominee

Gabrian Meier

Jr. High Leader / Worship Leader • Occupation: CCEA Youth Staff

PURPOSE Junior high and high school were years of immense significance in my life. It's a time of choices, change and impact. I believe that who you allow to speak into your life will make or break you in these years. My hope is not to speak into these kids lives but allow Christ to speak through me. FAVORITE MEMORY Friday night football at our Guys' House groups study, it is such a great time to bond & build relationships with the guys

Zack McCoy

Upperclass Men Leader Nominee