You can run from God, but you cannot outrun God.

The Difference He Makes

Easter at Calvary


The definition of empty means "to contain nothing." As we follow Jesus' movement towards the cross, we will see how he gave everything he had - emptying himself - for the sake of others.


One of the most used words in the Gospel of Mark is "immediately." Why? Because there are some things in life that need to be met with urgency... and the Good News of Jesus was intended to create a movement that would change lives.

Big Game Sunday

Marked By Jesus

Whether it be tattoos, scars, experiences, or relationships, we've all been MARKED by things that have impacted us. And whenever someone comes into close contact with Jesus, they are forever MARKED by Him.

My Resolution

Christmas at Calvary 2021

For EveryONE

Some think the Christmas story is for just for kids... others think is a old time religious tale for people who are from a different era... but the truth is, the Christmas story is a life changing story that is for everyone. The grace, love, forgiveness, and the gift of Jesus are for everyone!


Following Jesus just makes us… Different. We are to be different from what we used to be. We are to live in a different way than we used to live. We have a different motivation and purpose than we had before. When we face challenges, we are to face them in a different kind of way.


There are some lights flashing on the dashboard of our souls. And it's time to got into the shop.

One on One With Jesus

Summer Playlist

We all enjoy listening to our favorite summer playlists. Whether we are heading to the beach, the lake or the water park, we love to have those special tunes playing in the background. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to look at some songs with the belief that it has something to say to all of u

Strong & Courageous

There are countless times in our lives where we will face challenges that need to be conquered. Instead of turning back or running away from them, is there a way we can face these challenges head on and move forward? Through this series, we will learn how we can be strong and courageous in light of

Impact Sunday 2021

All The Time

In the Bible Jesus is approached by a religious leader who asks Him "what is the greatest commandment?" Jesus responds by telling him to love God with all of who we are ALL OF THE TIME. Over the course of this series we are going to ask the question, how do I tangibly love God with all my heart, all

More Than Happy

It seems that our world is filled with messages telling us to live in our lives in the pursuit of happiness. So we spend our lives chasing it - through whatever we think will bring us the popularity, possession, and pleasure that our world tells us is necessary for happiness. But yet… happiness seem

Easter at Calvary 2021

Follow Up

A weekly podcast, talking about the message from the last week, and diving deeper into the scripture.

Flip The Script