Home is Where the Heart Is

Ruth 1 • February 9, 2020 • John Rakshith Prabhakar

Reflections on God's Faithfulness

Psalm 78:1-7 • December 29, 2019 • Murray Lee

Does God Care About Our Pain?

Mark 5:21-43 • October 27, 2019 • Murray Lee

Since faith is the antidote to fear, we must believe in Jesus.

What Does the Resurrection Mean for You? (Easter 2019)

John 20:1-18 • April 21, 2019 • Murray Lee

The Crucifixion: What We Did and What We Get? (Good Friday 2019)

Isaiah 53:4-6 • April 19, 2019 • Murray Lee

Gold or Crown? (Palm Sunday 2019)

John 12:9-26 • April 14, 2019 • Murray Lee

What do you want Jesus to do for you? In John 12 we are faced with the reality that following Jesus is costly. If we follow Him as the crowds did, pretending that He is a magician who grants us wishes as we please, we will be disappointed. If instead we follow Him with a desire that puts the love of Christ above all other affections, we will find our hearts’ greatest longing and eternal rest for our souls.

Christmas Eve 2018

Luke 2:8-20 • December 24, 2018 • Murray Lee

Breakfast on the Beach

John 21 • September 2, 2018 • Justin Pillsbury

Through the 21 chapters of his book, John has a distinct purpose in mind. He wants the readers to come away with a clear understanding of who Jesus is—the promised Messiah from the Old Testament. John’s book is the Gospel clearly before us and chapter 21 will cause our hearts to be thrilled and filled as we dwell on Christ love for us. John is saying don’t miss Jesus as the Savior for our sin wrecked lives.

Easter 2018

Matthew 28:1-10 • April 1, 2018 • Murray Lee

Good Friday 2018

Matthew 27:45-56 • March 30, 2018 • Murray Lee

The Belief We Need

Matthew 21:12-22 • March 25, 2018 • Murray Lee

The people in Matthew 21:12-22 tell us a great deal about the main message. It’s a curious story, filled with contrasts. The blind, lame, and broken are made healthy while a healthy-looking fig tree is made to wither. The children and uneducated outcasts of society get it right while the professional religious folks and disciples get it wrong. God is telling us that no amount of good works will earn us good standing with God. Instead, the belief we need is a gift.

Christ our Hero

Jonah 3:1-10 • January 15, 2017 • Murray Lee