The Mystery of Mercy

The Gospel of Grace

Jonah 4 • February 23, 2020 • Jon Thompson

God extends mercy to the merciless, leaving Jonah in a heart storm. How can God be perfectly just and perfectly loving at once?  God is a complex character who makes sense only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Moses wasn’t allowed to see it. Jonah wasn’t able to discern it. Thankfully, we don’t stand where they stood.  The book of Jonah forces us to contemplate our personal destiny. How will we respond to God’s word, world, and grace?

The Road to Revival

Jonah 3 • February 16, 2020 • Jon Thompson

"Forty more days and Nineveh will be overthrown.” Jonah preaches wrath—but God responds with mercy. Above all else, the book of Jonah is about reconciliation. It demonstrates the fact that God’s wrath and mercy are held in tension—and that the road to revival, while available to all, requires genuine repentance. If there are innumerable steps between us and God, he will take all but one. The choice is ours.

Perfect Plans, Imperfect People

Jonah 2 • February 9, 2020 • Jon Thompson

God keeps his promises. Despite Jonah’s rebellion, God rescues his prodigal prophet from the jaws of death. Jonah cries to the Lord for help, and God answers him.  Nothing can separate us from God’s love and mercy; he is not limited by our shortcomings. In fact, we see yet again that God uses imperfect people to achieve his perfect plans.

Anyone but Them

Jonah 1 • February 2, 2020 • Jon Thompson

Love your enemies. Jonah receives a mission from God that leaves him struggling with a question our world continues to wrestle with today: how God can be both merciful and just? Obedience will require sacrifice. For Jonah, the cost seems too high. He refuses and runs—but God’s mercy prevails.