Fully Devoted

Discipleship at Sanctus Church

Jesus is

The "I AM" Statements of Jesus

Plan 2

Ten Commandments

Easter 2019

Give Us Jesus

Spiritual Gifts

Fully Devoted: Engage in Mission

Christmas at C4: The Genealogy of Jesus

Woven into God's Family


Free though locked in chains, wise in the age of folly, unflinching in the face of a lion, influencer of kings and kingdoms, steadfast through fiery trials, empowered by the spirit of God. Daniel - Thriving in Exile.

Fully Devoted

But what does a fully devoted follower of Jesus really look like? How can we make decisions this year to grow? Together we Celebrate Big. Connect Small. Walk with Jesus. Share the Work. Engage in Mission.

Heart and Soul

Stories of conversions focusing on a person in the bible and how they truly encountered God for the first time. Our preachers and teachers will also share their own story of crossing the line of faith and how they met Christ.

Pilgrims & Pioneers Part 2

Vision & Baptism Sunday

The future of our community and celebrating what Jesus is doing in it.

Jesus and the Workplace

That 9 to 5. That commuter life. The daily grind. Our passion projects. Does God care about our work? How does our profession intersect with our faith? Jesus and the Workplace.

The Trinity

In this series we look to what it means to serve a Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Baptism Sunday

Fake News? - C4 Easter

This Easter Series we will focus on the tearing of the veil that protected priests from the Most Holy Place behind the veil. This is where God's palpable presence rested. When Jesus died, the veil was torn - this should provide significant joy and awe this Easter season.

The Devoted Ones

1st Corinthians - How We Keep Being Different and Thriving as Christians

Baptism Sunday

Christmas at C4 - Pilgrims & Pioneers

This Christmas we will learn how Jesus is the ultimate pilgrim and pioneer from heaven down to earth so that we may have salvation and eternal life.