Billy Graham: Backup Cameras

January 3, 2022 • Billy Graham

“There’s a choice that you have. Which will it be, a life of surrender to Christ as Lord and Savior, or a life which you surrender to yourself and your own desires and your own pleasures and your own lusts and your own greed and your own jealousies?” Billy Graham says when you choose to follow Jesus Christ, He will transform your life.

Billy Graham: Redeemed Sexuality

May 28, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Nowhere does the Bible teach that sex in itself is a sin. But from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible condemns the wrong use of sex.” Listen to Billy Graham on how God redeems sexual sins in this 60-second sermon.

Billy Graham: God Is Unchanging

May 26, 2022 • Billy Graham

“God hasn’t changed in all of these centuries. He’s the same in every generation. God is unchanging in judgment. But God is also unchanging in His love.” Hear more from Billy Graham on God’s consistency in this 60-second sermon.

Billy Graham: Christ Died for You

May 24, 2022 • Billy Graham

“The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and while He was on the cross, He was thinking about you.” That’s good news, as Billy Graham explained in this 60-second sermon.