Billy Graham: Importance of Prayer

September 26, 2022 • Billy Graham

“There is no doubt that we, as a people, are in serious trouble today. If there was ever a time that we needed to be on our knees in prayer, asking God to save us, it is now.” How can our country survive without a renewed emphasis on prayer? In this 60-second sermon, be challenged by Billy Graham to pray without ceasing.

Billy Graham: Home in Heaven

September 24, 2022

“The Bible teaches that there is an eternal life beyond the grave. Life does not end at death. Only the outer shell that we call the body dies. Where you go depends on only one thing—it depends on what you do with Jesus Christ, God’s Son.” Billy Graham challenges you to evaluate where you will spend eternity.

A New Attitude

September 22, 2022 • Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos is a successful engineer, but he felt like something was missing. That changed forever when Omar accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. “I noticed that no matter what achievements I had made, I still had an emptiness, a void in there.”

Billy Graham: All the Nations

September 20, 2022 • Billy Graham

“He said that we are to go to the whole world, not just to our own community or our own nation but to all the world.” Are you sharing the Good News about Jesus?

Billy Graham: A God of Our Own Choosing

September 18, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Modern man does not like to think of God in terms of wrath, anger and judgment. He likes to make God in his own idealism and give God the characteristics he wants Him to possess.” Who have you made God to be in your life? Billy Graham explains why this answer is important in this 60-second sermon.

What Is the Gospel?

September 16, 2022 • Billy Graham

“The Gospel is the Good News that God will forgive ‘all that come to Him in repentance and faith.’” —Billy Graham Learn more about the Good News in this short sermon.

Love in the Home

September 14, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Before you come to Christ, you really don’t know how to love. Oh, there can be happy marriages and successful marriages outside of Christ. But the depth and the capacity and the breadth of love is unavailable to you until you come to know Jesus Christ.” —Billy Graham Find out more about God’s perfect love in this 60-second sermon.

Billy Graham: An Empty Place

September 12, 2022 • Billy Graham

“You’re searching for something that can satisfy that deepest longing that you have. That something is God. Because God made you in His image, and He loves you.” Be encouraged by Billy Graham to satisfy your longing with God.

Billy Graham: God Speaks

September 10, 2022 • Billy Graham

“God has never stopped speaking to man. But how does God speak to men today, you ask? If you want to hear God speak, read the Bible, it contains His will, His plan, and His thought for your life.” Discover how you can interact with God personally in this 60-second sermon.

Responding to Brokenness

September 8, 2022 • Danny Torres

When Danny Torres realized the brokenness in his New York City neighborhood, he decided to become a pastor to serve and share God’s love with people in Brooklyn. “In that one moment, I felt like my eyes opened up. I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness. Look at all this brokenness around me.’”

What Is a Christian?

September 6, 2022 • Billy Graham

Many people think a Christian is someone who prays or goes to church, but it’s really much more than that. “You make a choice. You come to the cross of Christ and you choose Him. And you say, ‘Lord, I'm a sinner. Please forgive me. I'm sorry for my sins and I come to the cross where you shed your blood for me and I receive you.’”

Billy Graham: Unity in Prayer

September 4, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Pray for national repentance acknowledging God’s mercy and forgiveness. Pray for unity within the body of Christ.” As a nation, we need prayer more than anything else. Billy Graham knew that calling on God is one of the most important things Christians can do for our country, and gave suggestions for what that looks like.

On Trial

September 2, 2022 • Louis Dooley

Louis Dooley accepted Christ his first day as an inmate. 15 years later, he was unexpectedly granted parole. Louis now works full time sharing the Gospel with prisoners. Hear his story.

Billy Graham: You’re Worth It

July 31, 2022 • Billy Graham

What makes you feel loved? Maybe it’s gifts, or words of affirmation, or acts of service. What about the greatest act of love? “Jesus Christ loved us so much that He went to the cross and died for us. He took all the hell and all the judgment on Him at the cross.”

Billy Graham: Who Am I?

July 29, 2022 • Billy Graham

Finding answers is easier than ever, but there are some questions that aren’t so easy to answer. Billy Graham talked about some of life’s hardest questions in this 60-second sermon.

Billy Graham: The Word of God

July 28, 2022 • Billy Graham

The Bible claims to be God’s Word, but can we believe what it has to say? Billy Graham did. “I've never had a doubt about the Bible being the Word of God,” the evangelist once said.

Billy Graham: The Mystery of Time

July 26, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Time has been given to you for the purpose of glorifying God in this life.” – Billy Graham What should you be doing with the time you have?

Billy Graham: How Do You Get Joy?

July 24, 2022 • Billy Graham

Happiness can be superficial, but joy runs deep. But how do you get joy? Billy Graham explained, “When Christ comes into your heart, He changes your nature. You become a new creation in Christ. Old things pass away, and everything becomes new.”

Billy Graham: The Value of Your Soul

July 22, 2022 • Billy Graham

“Jesus said one soul is worth the whole world.” Hear more from Billy Graham in this 60-second message.

Billy Graham: Gods and Idols

July 20, 2022 • Billy Graham

“We have gods today. Our gods are not made of marble and of wood but are chrome-plated and modern. Fashion, fortune, ease, ambition, self-seeking, entertainment … These are our gods.” What happens when you replace the one true God with false gods? Find out in this 1-minute message.

Billy Graham: Excuses

July 19, 2022 • Billy Graham

“God says you don’t have an excuse. He’s offering you a free gift of forgiveness of sins, of assurance of eternal life. I’m going to ask you to say, ‘I will, Lord, let you be my Savior and my Lord.’” God takes away all your excuses by giving you a way to grow closer to Him. Hear more in this 60-second sermon.