Stand Still, Marvel at His Wondrous Works

From the beauty of the star-filled universe to the precious moment when a soul is redeemed, we stand • March 19, 2018 • Erik Calhoun

Help for the Hurting

What to do and say when it matters most. • March 12, 2018 • Mark Worthington

The Law of the Lord

The Bible is our blueprint to prepare for eternity. • March 5, 2018 • Andy Chasteen

In Time for God's Roll Call

Even though I put off answering the call of God, in mercy, He continued to call after me. • February 19, 2018 • Allen Crabtree

Agape: Know God's Love

Understanding the message of 1 Corinthians 13 and how God intends us to treat others. • February 12, 2018 • Darrel Lee

Seeds Sewn; Souls Saved

Missionaries brought the Good News to Jung Ok in Korea, and now her goal is to share it with others. • February 5, 2018 • Jung Ok You

The Book of Ruth

A message of hope and redemption. • January 22, 2018 • Adapted from the Daybreak and Discovery curriculum series.

Show Me Thy Glory

It hasn’t entered into the heart of man all that God has prepared for them that love Him, but God • January 15, 2018 • Jim Williams

Found By the One True God

From a childhood of polygamy and idol worship to the joy of salvation. • January 8, 2018 • Solomon Akinduro

The Power of God

Wayne Butler - 7.16.2017

A Pipeline to Salvation

Kim Jeong Min - 7.16.2017

Jesus' Stamp of Authority

Bill McKibben - 7.16.2017

Water Baptism

Joshua Idowu - 7.15.2017

Foot Washing

Jeff Downey - 7.15.2017

The Lord's Supper

Frances Odudu - 7.15.2017

The King Is Coming

Tim Mixer - 7.14.2017

Avoid Ungodly Association

Clark Wolfe - 7.14.2017

God's Word Is Perfect

Andy Chasteen - 7.14.2017

Our Need to See Jesus

Olusola Adesope - 7.13.2017

Eternal Heaven and Hell

Erik Calhoun - 7.13.2017

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