The Gospel

January 5, 2020 • Matt Larson

This Sunday we started a new series called “This is Anthem,” where we are going through our church’s values. Matt preached on our value of being “gospel centered” as a church. The gospel is the good news of Jesus. He became flesh, died for our sins, and resurrected, thereby defeating death. Our goal is to have our whole lives centered on the gospel. If we are going to be people of the gospel then we will have a deep joy in Jesus, love people, be gospel fluent, and repent regularly.


February 16, 2020 • Matt Larson

In our 7th and final week of our "This Is Anthem" series, Matt and KristenLarson invited up a few couples from within the church and used their stories to teach through generosity. John and Laura Spach talked through the posture of generosity, Vince and Holly Barile talked through the privilege of generosity, and Randy and Cathy Farwell talked through the responsibility of generosity.


February 9, 2020 • Kyle Rogan

Sunday was the sixth week of our “This is Anthem” series, and Kyle Rogan preached through our value of mission. God is taking His name to the ends of the earth. As followers of Jesus, we are ambassadors of God and have been given the ministry of reconciling people back to God. We are to do this wherever we are in this world, not because we are going to earn our place with God, but because this is who He has made us to be.


February 2, 2020 • Ahmad Milby

In the fifth week of our "This is Anthem" series, Ahmad Milby taught through our value of multiplication. Ahmad took us through the scriptures showing how the church, starting with just a few people, has multiplied until it will eventually fill the earth with a multitude of people that no one can number. We also saw how Jesus commissioned his disciples to go make disciples and take His name to the ends of the earth.