Judge not

Episode 392

Angus Buchan • From the television series "Grassroots with Angus Buchan"

John 8:3-11 is todays reading and Angus tells us that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. We have all sinned and have no right to judge others. First, remove the log from your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from your neighbors’ eye. So often those who criticize or judge what others are doing are guilty of far worse behavior. Repent of your sins, say sorry and move on with your own life. Let God be the judge!

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Free at last

Episode 399 • Angus Buchan

In today’s message, Angus tells us about a visit to a prison where he was invited to preach the Gospel to the prisoners. He witnessed God’s love through the convicted felons, their amazing singing, and unashamed love for the Lord. Although they were locked up, they were freer in themselves than many of us living on the outside. Angus reminds us that we are all sinners and many of the Lord’s chosen in the bible, spent time in prison but were free in their spirit. 1John 4:4 tells us that the Lord God who is within us is greater than he which is in the world, that is the devil. We have freedom in Jesus Christ!

The grace of God

Episode 398 • Angus Buchan

In Ephesians 2:8 we are told that we are saved by grace through faith. In this message, Angus reminds us also of the verse in Mark 11:22 which tells us to have faith in God. Not faith in our own ability because we are not made righteous through any act of goodwill or kindness or because we think we are a, ”good” person. We are only made righteous when we acknowledge that we are sinners and invite Jesus into our hearts. It is only by His Grace which is unmerited favor or loving-kindness shown toward us. No-one who has ever lived, apart from Jesus, will make it into heaven except through the saving grace of Almighty God!

In the beginning

Episode 397 • Angus Buchan

The bible is the Word of God. It is complete and nothing has been left out, it is Jesus in print. John1:1 tells us that Jesus, the Word, was with God in the beginning and the Word was God. God spoke and created everything that is in the world including the entire universe. We have been created by God as human beings, we have not evolved from an ape or anything else. We need to read and understand the bible because it will never change.