9/17/20 - Stand in the Gap Today

Loving Your Neighbor: Before, During, and After the Nov. 3 Election

September 17, 2020 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull

Loving Your Neighbor: Before, During, and After the Nov. 3 Election. We are joined by Jeff Coleman (President, Churchill Strategies; Author, Former State Representative). Topics discussed include: Are We More or Less Respectful than we were Three Years Ago? Filtering our Words and Actions through our Biblical Worldview. Trust God and Speak the Truth in Love.

Discerning Truth, Finding Facts

June 27, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, JR McGee

What are some techniques and tools to determine and distinguish what people can and should trust?

7/1/22 - Stand in the Gap Today

July 1, 2022 • Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer

Ask Sam: Episode 25. We are joined by Sam Rohrer (President, American Pastors Network; SIGT Host). Topics discussed include: 3 Branches of Government. Discussing the Abortion Ruling. SCOTUS Religious Liberty Rulings. Standing for Lawfulness.

6/30/22 - Stand in the Gap Today

June 30, 2022 • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, Guest: David New

When Life is Death and Prayer is Private: A Review of Two SCOTUS Decisions. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Dobbs vs. Jackson – Leak vs. Official Opinion. Dobbs vs. Jackson – A 6-3 or a 5-4 Decision? Prayer and Coach Kennedy. Moving On From Here.